​My Three Weeks in Beijing

Ashley Stanton - Beijing, ChinaStanton2 copy.jpg

During the summer of 2012, I was lucky enough to be able to study abroad in Beijing, China, for just about three weeks. These three weeks were some I will always remember, for many reasons. There were a total, including myself, of eight honors students on the trip, as well as two astounding faculty members. The trip by far exceeded my expectations, which is a wonder because going to the other side of the world holds some pretty high expectations!

The Biggest Buddha

Tim Stalker - Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

TimOne reason I chose to study abroad at Sichuan University in Chengdu, a city in Western China, was to get a different experience than most international students who often to go Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing or other cities in Eastern China. And, yes! I had exactly the experience I wanted. I was quick to appreciate the relaxed and easy going pace of life in Chengdu compared to the hustle and bustle of China's coastal cities. Placed within the city are several beautiful parks where locals gathered to relax, drink tea and play the traditional Chinese game Mahjong. During my semester abroad in Chengdu, I found the residents and students to be friendly and outgoing. Most students were very eager to practice their English and become friends with international students since most Sichuan University students also study English in addition to their majors. Consequently, it was easy to make Chinese friends, and I often had more friends than I was able to spend time with.



 The Great Wall

Jency Schnettler - Shanghai, China

Jency What do you think of when you think of China? The Great wall? Red? General Tso's Chicken? Chinese characters? Rice farmers? Communism? Mao Ze Dong? Many people are scared of China because they don't know anything about it. I was one, before I traveled to China. After living there for four months, I now believe China is an under-rated country. In fact China is far more beautiful than people give it credit for and it is full of unique opportunities that you cannot experience anywhere else.