Czech Republic

Jennifer Graves

Major: English (Graduate)

Prague, Czech Republic

What advice would you like to give to future study abroad students?

I would advice taking advantage of every opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the place you are in. It really enriches the experience and it may answer some questions about cutural mysteries or misunderstandings. Try to get to know some locals. In my case, I was lucky to have a Czech literature teach, and at the end of my program I stayed with a Czech woman in her home. I learned so much from interaction with Czechs that I would not have learned if I had only interacted with other Americans. In Prague, I recommend: the Mucha art exhibit, taking a side trip to Terezin, touring the Jewish quarter with a knowledgeable guide, and the sandstone rock formations known as "bohemian paradise."

Prague Experience

Grace VanDeMark - Prague, Czech Republic

398863_10150887584392883_1598035779_n.jpgDuring the summer, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend several weeks studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, through Central Michigan University (CMU) and Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA). I studied at a small university, Anglo American University (AAU), which afforded me the opportunity to learn in a foreign institution that was quite different from CMU in many ways. I also had the opportunity to make new friends, both students from the United States who were studying at AAU through CEA, and many people from many different countries all over Europe and parts of Asia; I've kept in contact with many of these people after my return. I travelled to places around and outside the Czech Republic and saw some truly incredible things. The most important thing to me, however, was that I stepped outside my comfort zone and challenged myself in many ways.

Study Abroad Story

Emily Heimsoth - Anglo American University, Prague, Czech Republic


I studied abroad at the Anglo American University in Prague in Spring 2010. I am proud to say that this was the absolute best experience I have had in my entire life. Strangely enough, the best part of my experience was getting lost on a regular basis. My roommate Maggie and I left before the rest of our group for orientation our very first day. We were hoping simply to be able to find our school and have some lunch in the middle of town before our meeting started. We quickly discovered after riding the tram into town (illegally riding into town that is) that we were clueless.


From the Garden to the Ghetto

Colleen Whately - Anglo American University, Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic with 1.2 million people, and the Anglo-American College is in the heart of the city at one end of the Charles Bridge. During the beginning of the semester, the area near the school was always filled with people walking the tourist paths mapped out in travel books. On an extraordinarily sunny day I decided to wander around the city after class, in the opposite direction of the crowds. It was my chance to explore all that Prague has to offer.