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First Impressions of London: Unforgettable!

Jane Trombly - London, England         

 I can hardly put into words what my semester in London was like. As a student who had never traveled overseas before, I was quite skeptical as to whether I would make it five whole months away from home or not. I wasn't exactly sure what my experience would be like, but I expected to learn about the world of fashion from another country’s perspective, take in the culture, and of course attend school. However, what I got out of my experience was so much more than that.

London: The Experience of a Lifetime

Michelle Chambers - Midtier, London, EnglandGuard

My program in London was better than I could have ever imagined! I had spent months and months preparing myself for the trip and even as I got onto the plane I still had trouble realizing that I was actually going to be in England in less than 8 hours. My host family was amazing. They were so interested in making sure that I had a wonderful and very authentic English experience. They made me and my Midtier partner different English dishes that I would have never tried otherwise, and they even took us to see the English Channel where we had fish 'n chips by the sea. One of my favorite parts was going to an English Pub to see their son and his band perform. They played 1980's music and we all sang and danced along. It was great to see different parts of the countryside and to meet people from other parts of the country. The people were so friendly wherever we went. They wanted to know where we were from and if we were enjoying ourselves.

Walking the halls of Kensington Palace

Rebecca Reas - London, England

Rebecca My two week study abroad experience in London, England was something that I can barely put into words. From the moment I stepped off of the plane I felt like I was in a different world. It was mind-boggling just thinking about how far away from home I really was. There are so many moments from London that I wish I could put in my pocket and pull out to look at any time I needed a smile. The local band playing ‘All Summer Long' by Kid Rock just for us, the only American girls who were there. Seeing the Queen pull out of the driveway with her motor escort to go out shopping at Windsor Castle. Climbing 528 steps to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral to have my breath absolutely taken away not from the journey up, but the views of the city. Eating ‘real' fish and chips and laughing at the dinner table with my host family. Walking the halls of Kensington Palace in awe of the princesses who spent their lives there.

In the Land of Academia: Walking, Exploring, and Breathing in Oxford

Elyse Nelmark - London, England


Striving towards becoming a professor, being in the land of academia as I refer to the town of Oxford was a memorable experince for me when I went abroad. In July 2010, I studied abroad in London, England at Kingston University taking British Culture and Society as an elective and Shakespeare for my major. My major is English and my minor is Religion. Going with my British Culture and Society class to Oxford, a place that breathes academia and religious history, but has expanded to incorporate modernity and multiculturalism, was cathartic for me.


A Typical Wednesday in Lancaster

Nicole Dietering - Lancaster, England


When I was in Lancaster I only had one class on Wednesday at eleven and I was done by noon so I had the rest of the day to do whatever. I joined the club soccer team and Wednesday's were our usual game day. But when I wasn't playing soccer there was a free bus to the grocery store. A lot of my friends and I would go grocery shopping that day because we would save money on the bus. The bus would drop us off right at the store so we wouldn't have to walk far. We would scatter in the grocery store and meet back up when we were all done for the bus ride home. In order to use a cart at the grocery store you would have to pay one pound so we would always use baskets because they were free. It ended up being a good thing that we didn't use carts because then we might have bought more then we could carry.


London Mid Tier Experience

Mackenzie Creswell - London, England 

MackenzieAfter telling myself over and over that it was actually happening and that I was actually fulfilling my dream by going to London, I focused on taking everything in. As I walked out of the airport I found myself immersed into a completely different culture, even though it was quite similar to America. The language was the same yet very different, the fashion was amazing, and the food was an experience in itself. I absolutely loved the London accents because the culture is very diverse with different types. Adults and children sounded magical, and whatever they were saying sounded as if it was the most important thing you were ever going to hear. After taking the first weekend to explore London and meet my host family, we started school at Galliard Primary school.


Living and Teaching in Enfield, England

Jenna Rickmon - Enfield, EnglandJenna

 The two months that I spent in Enfield were two of the best months of my life. Not only did I get to see the great sites of London and southern England, but I also got to live as a Briton and form friendships with people that I will never forget. My host family, the staff of my school that I taught at, and my fellow student teachers were just some of the wonderful people that I met and who made me feel welcome and comfortable in a new place.



My "Uni" Family

Rachel Dowell - Ormskirk, United Kingdom


"Rathbone girls! We are here!"
"Rathbone boys! Comin' near!"

Just twelve hours into my semester abroad in England, I was already joining the chorus of British and American students yelling the Eleanor Rathbone residence hall chant while marching through campus. As a brand new member of the Rathbone dorm family, I was completely unaware of the bond that would develop with everyone at Edge Hill University over the next four months. The other Americans and I quickly assimilated into "uni" life and began to consider Ormskirk our home. With the endless support and security of my Edge Hill family, I was able to experience the unique aspects of life in England and expand my horizons traveling throughout Europe.


Taylor Arnett

Major: Journalism

University of Stirling

Stirling, Scotland

How has your study abroad experience changed you?

My study abroad experience has changed me because it taught me that there is no "normal". Getting out of my comfort zone is sometimes very hard for me to do and studying abroad is the best and most fun way to broaden your horizons.

Megan's Blog from Abroadintroduction%20photo

Megan MacGregor - Napier, University, Edinburgh, Scotland

My name is Megan MacGregor and, as a student at Central Michigan University, I am studying in Edinburgh, Scotland through ISEP (International Student Exchange Program). I have already completed my first semester abroad and am about to start my final semester for a total of nine months. Working towards a literary career, living in a city steeped in the rich literary history of such eminent writers as Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and Arthur Conan Doyle has been a rewarding and brilliant experience. Edinburgh has provided inspiration for numerous authors for centuries, and once one witnesses the overwhelming beauty of the city and it's people, it is easy to see where that inspiration came from.

Taking in Every Moment


Lindsey Forton - Stirling, Scotland 

A lot can happen in a semester, especially a semester spent abroad.  My time in Stirling, Scotland, is packed with so many memories of the things I did, the places I saw, and most importantly, the amazing people I met.  Because of the convenient location and easy travel, I was fortunate enough to see many parts of Europe, but nowhere compared to Stirling, the place I came to know and love as my home away from home.


"To the waters and the wild, with a faery hand in hand" Jamie

Elizabeth Koprowski - Glasgow, Scotland

My ten months spent living and studying in Scotland have left me with countless tales and wonderful memories. Some conjure up traditional Scottish views: skipping stones on the shores of Loch Lochy, learning to dance the ceilidh and climbing to the very top of the Wallace Monument in Stirling. Others give a sense of the multi-cultural experience of studying abroad: Thanksgiving dinner with friends from a dozen countries, futbol games in three languages, and midnight barbecues shortly after sunset.