​The Berlin Excursion

Erika Lafnear - Bielefeld, Germany

ErikaWhile studying in Germany, I attended the language school TANDEM Bielefeld. To ensure that we saw more of Germany than only Bielefeld, the school organized three excursions to other cities. The most exciting of these excursions was to Germany's capital city, Berlin. We were there for several days and, instead of booking a room in a hotel or hostel, we stayed in apartments that can be rented for vacations. Jessica (the only other girl in the class) and I were in an apartment with our instructor, Beathe, while the eight boys were divided into two other apartments.




An Adventure Through the Teutoburger Forest

Kasey Castanier - Bielefeld, Germany


During my semester in Bielefeld, Germany, my good friend Ryan Howe and his host-family invited me on an adventure that took us into the depths of the Teutoburger Forest, beginning with a trip to a monument over 130 years old. The monument I speak of is the Hermannsdenkmal, commemorating Hermann Arminius' victory over 3 advancing Roman legions in 9 A.D., ensuring the safety of the Germanic tribes that inhabited the Teutoburger Forest.