Akwabba! Welcome!

Kylie Bisel - Accra, Ghana

The men, women, and children of Ghana welcomed us into their country with open arms.  After making our way around the airport in Accra, we set out toward the University of Ghana, where we would be staying in the guest center. Our faces stayed pressed against the van's windows, taking in everything around us.

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My Two Favorite Memories Daniel rotate.jpg
Samantha Daniel - Accra, Ghana

My study abroad experience was so rewarding. There were two experiences that made this so memorable. Volunteering at the children's hospital was the most rewarding experience on the trip...

Small, Small Time, I am Coming Elmina Ghana!

Carla Barrington - Cape Coast, Ghana


 My name is Carla Barrington. I am a senior at CMU, majoring in Fashion Design and Merchandising with an art minor. The summer before we graduate we are required to do an internship. I chose to do mine abroad in Ghana West Africa. I worked at a fair trade NGO in the Cape Coast office. The NGO is Women in Progress and the whole sale retailer was Global Mamas .My internship consisted of design and product development. It may seem strange to do a fashion internship in Africa, but for me it was perfect. It may not be the center of the fashion world, but I was able to work in the industry, help people, and learn so much about another culture and part of the world.


A Weekend With Lundi

Austin Rowlader - Accra, Ghana

Austin1.jpgIn typical Ghanaian fashion, Lundi and I met outside of class one day and within ten minutes he had invited me to his house the next weekend.  Always being up for an adventure, I told him I would go, and after a nine hour drive we arrived in Domaa, his village in Western Ghana.




Village Kids

Sarah Harbitz – Tema, Ghana

sarah1Big.jpgWhen I first arrived at the SOS Children’s Village in Ghana, Africa, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that the village was the residence to many children who were unable to live at home or were orphaned. I knew that I would be teaching some of these children at the Hermann Gmeiner School located in the SOS Village. I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of these children. What I didn’t know was that these children would make such a big difference in my life as well.