Amberly Dziesinski

Major: Sociology

Drawing in Florence, Italy

Describe your classes abroad. 

Drawing in Florence has two main components: drawing and art history. As a daily class structure, we would spend the morning at a gallery or historical site learning about Renaissance art history and draw in the afternoon. My professor recognized that students’ artistic ability varied and worked closely with us individually to further develop our skills. Because we were a small group, we formed a very close bond over the course of the month abroad.

A Day in the Life

Kelly Kobylczyk - Rome, Italy

A day in the life of a study abroad student is hardly ever dull. Every day there is something new and exciting to do. For me living for five weeks in the city of art and history, I found a new adventure everyday. Studying abroad in Rome at the American University of Rome was the best experience I have ever had.

Drawing in Florence

Dan Jackson - Florence, Italy Mirror

There's something magical about the overlooking hills that surround Florence, Italy. One of my favorite college memories was when my study abroad group and I would take advantage of the warm summer nights and walk up the hill to theoverlook. The warm air and scenic view made it the perfect atmosphere to trade stories into the early hours of the morning. 

Florence is also home to some of the world's most beautiful churches. Just about every day for the month that we were in Florence, we went to at least one church; I'm fairly certain we didn't even see all of them. From tiny holes in the wall to the expansive Duomo, much of the city's rich history is recorded through the churches.


A Picture Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Krystal Penrose - Rome, ItalyKrystal

It's my first night in the Eternal City, and I am sitting in a piazza filled with small cafés and restaurants in Trastevere. Naturally, the first thing I decide to order is the famous Napoli-style pizza I was told to try. When the waiter comes and takes our orders, I try my best at using the little Italian I learned on the plane ride here. "Voglio la pizza capricciosa, per favore" ( I'll have the Capricious pizza, please).




The Simple Act of Exploring ItalyCaity

Caity Sweet - AUR, Rome, Italy 

Spending a semester abroad is something I have always dreamt of doing. I had the opportunity todo just that in Rome, Italy, where I spent the most amazing few months of my life. Every day was an adventure. If I was exploring a new place, or even somewhere I had visited numerous times, I would always return with a cherished memory. One of my favorite days was when I took a day trip by myself to the town of Orvieto, about an hour train ride north of Rome in the region of Umbria. Over the past few million years, a volcanic rock island formed, and sitting at the top of it is the town of Orvieto.



Enjoying the Eternal City

Sarah Chandonnet - Rome, ItalySarah

The moment in which it finally sank in that I was in the ‘Eternal City' was a day that I took a book to the Spanish Steps to read. The first few days I was in Rome I was very swept up in wanting to see as much of the city as I possibly could, that I forgot to take time to smell the roses.  On my way to the, oh so famous steps, I took everything in that I possibly could. The smell of the fresh fruit on the side of the road, the fresh baked pizza and the hum of Italian being spoken at rates that I couldn't understand - it was one of the moments that I will never forget.





A Typical Day in Rome

Andrea Skala - Rome, Italy  

AndreaOnly a week into my 5-week summer program I was already used to waking up to the active streets of Rome below my apartment window. Every morning the light would stream in and we would look out to see Italian's greeting each other with a "Ciao" or "Buon Giorno". There was a fruit stand on my walk through Trastevere to school, where the owner would greet me and point out the best pears and apples. The ten minute walk to John Cabot University, included walking along the Tiber River and taking in the sight of Isola Tiberina which is an island right in the middle of the river. Before school I always made time to stop at the café across the street to drink an espresso and watch the locals begin their day.


Landscape of Self

Shannon McPhee - Florence, Italy


A moment: I am walking along a wooded path watching as the rolling hills dotted with cream and terra cotta colored houses come into focus along the horizon. Walking behind the church of San Miniato is both nostalgic and suspenseful. The linear path of trees that I am walking on has been walked for hundreds of years and I cannot help but think about how much history it has witnessed. The notably famous Tuscan weather has decided to be unbeautiful at the moment. I am wearing a tank top and jeans; my feet are soaked and covered with sediment from the trail, I am shivering from head to toe as my umbrella channels a stream of water down my back. The hills are shrouded with grey mist and all I can do is watch the horizon as ominous clouds hang over the lush green landscape (Yes, believe it or not, Florence has a lush green landscape.) The experience of this day, walking along the path stays with me as emblematic of my experience living in Florence, Italy.