Swimming in the Red Sea

Justin Regan - Amman, Jordan

Aside from Aqaba, Jordan is an entirely landlocked country. The small port city is a major shipping center, responsible for all of Jordan's overseas importing and exporting. The city has great history for Jordanians as one of the earliest battlegrounds of the Arab Revolt of 1917 - in fact, it is the flag of the revolt that flies over the city rather than the Jordanian flag itself. However, it was the opportunity to spend a weekend relaxing before midterms and swimming in the Red Sea that drew me there.



Journal from Abroad

Kristina Judd - Amman, Jordan


I'm Kryss. I'm going into my senior year of college and decided I didn't want to miss out on big and exciting opportunities. So I'm squeezing in a semester of study abroad. (Like really squeezing it in, I actually applied for May graduation just this morning.) I'll be in Amman, Jordan studying at the University of Jordan. I'll be studying Arabic language and culture. Why Jordan, you ask? One of my majors is Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and a special interest in the Middle East. So I think I want to work in the Middle East but I figure spending a semester there for school, when I know I can come home afterward, is a better test of that than getting a job and moving around the world. It's a bit more intense than moving to Chicago only to find you hate deep-dish pizza.


Life's Little Adventures

Jessica O'Higgins - Amman, Jordan

jessicaohigginscrop.jpgThe morning started as any other morning would. My Jordanian host family invited me to go with them to Irbid for their nephew Abdullah’s birthday. The city was an hour north and my host family treated this as a mini vacation since they would be staying there for the night. Rahaf, my host sister, Adam my host brother, and I drove to Irbid with Russia and Said, friends of my host family. I would be going home with Russia and Said that night so that I could get to class the next morning. The couple I was with had met in Syria and fell in love at first sight. They had decided to get married four days later and have been happily married ever since.