Samantha Tadros

Samantha TadrosSamantha Tadros Puebla Summer 2013.JPG

Major: Biology 

Minor: Spanish

Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico

Describe your favorite class(es) from abroad. 

My favorite class abroad would have to be my advanced grammar class. This class was by far one of the hardest classes I have ever taken while learning Spanish. The challenge was exciting and I knew that I was learning a lot of great skills that I could use in my everyday life in Mexico.


What was housing like during your study abroad experience?

I lived on campus in the dorms. They dorms were right outside the gates of campus. Depending on where your suite was, you could either see the beautiful campus or the amazing volcano. The rooms were amazing. I never thought I would live somewhere so beautiful. It was great living in the dorms because I had the opportunity to make a ton of new friends from all over the world.


What advice would you like to give to future study abroad students?

Really pay attention to your studies. It is very easy to let your studies get away from you. It is important to make sure your schoolwork gets done first. My other advice would be to try everything that you can. When it comes to food, nothing is off limits: you want to be able to say that you tried a bunch of different, amazing things! And when it comes to being adventurous, it’s worthwhile to step out of your comfort zone and go to different places and try different things. Just remember, it’s important to be safe!


In what way do you feel that your experience abroad has prepared you for your future career?

One of the first things that this trip taught me was how to travel on my own. Aside from the traveling, I gained so many new communication skills. I am way more confident that I was ever was with my Spanish speaking abilities. I know that if I ever encounter a Spanish speaker in my future career, I will be able to communicate with them.


What is your best memory of your time abroad?

The best memory I have would have to be the weekend trip to Teotihuacan. Anyone that has studied Spanish culture knows how important that city is. I climbed to the top of the pyramid named Luna, which in the Mayan culture is where the world started.


What was your biggest surprise during your study abroad experience?

The biggest surprise during my study abroad experience is how many genuine, nice people I met and the number of friends I made and am still friends with now that I am home. I never expected to gain so many great friends while studying abroad.


What is the biggest difference in culture that you experienced while abroad?

In America we are so fast, everything we do is on a scheduled and we need to be doing something at every second. In Mexico, family time is really important and being punctual isn't. Class never really started on time and none of the events started when they said, but it isn't a big deal in Mexico. It is more important to spend time with family and loved ones and not so much important to be on a ridged scheduled.