​Samantha Tadros

Major: Biology

Minor: Spanish

Universidad de las Americas, Puebla

Describe your favorite class(es) from abroad.

My favorite class from abroad would have to be my advanced grammar class. This class was by far one of the hardest classes I have ever taken while learning Spanish. The challenge was exciting and I knew that I was learning a lot of great skills that I could use in my everyday life in Mexico.

Changing Perspectives

Cassie Farrugia - Oaxaca, Mexico

Traveling to Mexico really opened my eyes to many things I had taken for granted. I feel I understand the education system of America much better now that I’ve seen another way of doing things and have had the opportunity to compare and contrast.  I learned about my own perceptions of Mexican culture and traveling outside the country in general. What I didn’t expect were the people we met in Oaxaca to have preconceived notions of what Americans are like. Looking back I feel very naïve, as I certainly stepped off the plane with expectations of my own.

​Lessons in Life and Pre-Student Teaching

Kelly Smith - Oaxaca, Mexico

smith mexico 2012 5.jpgWhen I returned to Michigan from Oaxaca, Mexico, I was asked countless times about how I liked studying abroad and what I learned. I typically answered by describing how much I learned about teaching at La Salle Primary School and, struggling to keep my answers somewhat brief, I would usually leave it at that. I would then smile to myself because only my peers and I truly knew that learning to become a teacher was only a small amount of what we took away from our Oaxaca pre-student teaching experience

Midtier in Mexico

Colleen Scheidel - Oaxaca, MexicoClassroom

On May 31, 2010 I departed for the trip of a lifetime. Along with eleven other classmates and two professors from Central Michigan University, I was dropped off at the airport and began the long flight to Oaxaca, Mexico. I have always loved traveling and had wanted to participate in some type of Study Abroad program before graduating. For me, the Oaxaca Midtier Experience was a perfect fit. I learned so much about myself and my teaching style by having had the chance to live and teach in a foreign place. The school, La Salle, was amazing. The teachers and administrators at the school were unbelievably helpful. The opportunity to come to this school every day for three weeks was one I will never forget.


Last Day at La Salle

Jenny Lada - Oaxaca, Mexico

That morning I had to get up super early because it would be my last day at the school, my last day with the little first graders that, in just two weeks time, I had already grown so close to and who I adored so much. Of course I was running late. My two roommates were already out of the room, and sure enough Norma came in to rush me out because the taxis were waiting. I grabbed all the gifts that I had prepared for my students and for my host teacher, Miss Xhuba (pronounced Shoe-ba), and I ran out the door and joined all the others that were waiting in the taxis.


    My Internship in Mexico

    Marrin Phillips - Querétaro, Mexico

    I am a double major in International Business and Spanish for Business. While studying abroad in Querétaro, Mexico I was fortunate enough to study both Spanish and business and complete an internship. I interned at an advertising agency, Signum Publicidad, which created the marketing materials for a law firm. Signum Publicidad advertised for various different companies throughout Mexico and used a combination of strategies to appeal to diverse markets.



    Querétaro - Where Learning Comes to Life

    Kayla King- Querétaro, Mexico

    KaylaI had a difficult time deciding what aspect of my study abroad semester in Querétaro, Mexico to describe here because I loved all of it so much that it is nearly impossible to pick a favorite moment. Mexico has so much to offer and anyone who rules it out as a study abroad option because of its close proximity to the United States would be foolish. The culture there is rich and the people are loving. Because of them I really grew as a Person, and I can honestly say that my semester in Mexico was an amazing Experience that I would repeat time and time again if given the opportunity.

    Communication and Trust

    Heather Flowers - Oaxaca, Mexico


    While in Oaxaca, I was part of the Los Ninos de Oaxaca program. Our focus was on directly observing the cultural and developmental differences between children at orphanages an Oaxaca and children in Michigan, as well as planning activities to stimulate development. Furthermore, once we arrived at our orphanage site, we were given the charge to teach basic English to the children, when most of us have minimal or no Spanish abilities. At the orphanage I worked at, Casa Hogar, there were many children with various disabilities including communication disorders.



    Camping in the Sierra Gorda

    Elayna McCall-Querétaro, México


    During the five months that I spent in Querétaro, one of my most memorable adventures was camping in the Sierra Gorda with the Rock Climbing Club from my school, el Tecnológico de Monterrey.  The Sierra Gorda is located in the state of Querétaro, under the state of San Luis Potosi, about three to four hours northeast from the city of Querétaro.  It is a beautiful mountain range, filled with green forests, wildlife, rivers, and deep valleys.  It was my last weekend there and I wanted to do something fun and exciting, so my roommate asked me if I wanted to go camping.  






    Trip to Tepotzlán

    Connie Fitzpatrick - Puebla, Mexico

    Connie crop.jpgIt is 7 a.m. as I wake up to my alarm clock on Saturday morning. I walk down the stairs quietly, since my host family is still sleeping, and grab a bowl of “Zucaritas” or Frosted Flakes, as they are known in the United States. I have now been in Mexico for a week. I have just started adjusting to my new family, the food, and the language. I am studying Spanish at Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, and am participating in the Spanish immersion program, which includes cultural activities, field trips, and weekend trips. Today I will be traveling to Tepotzlán, a small town about two hours away. I will be hiking up a mountain to see a small pyramid at the top. I take the now familiar five minute walk to campus, and get on the charter bus with other students in the program.

    Los Niños de Oaxaca

    Jody Rinderknecht - Oaxaca, Mexico

    100_0263.jpgWhen I found out I would be participating in the Los Niños de Oaxaca program so many thoughts filled my head. How was I going to survive in an unfamiliar city, with an unfamiliar language, unfamiliar culture, unfamiliar food, and actually enjoy the experience? Soon after arriving in Oaxaca all my worries seemed to drift away...