Republic of Korea


Buddhist Experience

Marcela Micheloni - Sejong, Republic of Korea

While in Korea, I was given the opportunity to take a Korean culture class where I was able to experience things I had only dreamed of.  On the first day of class the professor asked if we wanted to read a book, or go out and experience the aspects of Korean culture for ourselves. Naturally, as a class we choose to go out on trips to see all of the wonderful things that Korea had to offer.

 An Experience to Remember

Chelsea Baker - Suwon, South Korea

chelseaI was nearing the end of my stay in Korea and there were still two places in the city of Suwon that I wanted to visit- a bridge that brought a new perspective to historic Korean architecture through shaped metal and bright colors and McDrive.  I knew the walk would be about an hour or so, but it was a nice day and I had nothing else to do, so why not walk around and see a few last sights of the city?  The bridge was beautiful.  The purple and blue depictions of pagodas and archways were unusually creative.  I loved taking pictures of the bridge in the foreground with the ancient fortress in the background.  It truly was ancient meets modern.

Not an Ordinary Soccer Game

John Klein - Seoul, South Korea

When I first arrived at Korea University, I felt like I was in a different world. Everything was unique and interesting to me. I loved my first few weeks in Korea. The student organization which helped acclimate foreign students to life in Korea sent out a message that there would be an exciting day-long sporting event that everyone should attend. At first I was a little apprehensive about going, not only because it was 100 degrees outside, but also because the main events were soccer and baseball. Both are sports that I do not really care to watch.