​Brett's Journal from Abroad

Brett Bowers - St. Petersburg, Russia


My name is Brett Bowers, and as a student at Central Michigan University, I am studying in St. Petersburg, Russia for four months through CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange). I am taking courses at the Smolny campus of St. Petersburg State University on the east side of the city near the bank of the Neva. As a History major and English/literature minor, I am involved in a liberal arts program that is language intensive (I am thrusting myself into the experience without any formal education in Russian) and which simultaneously attracts my curiosity about modern social and economic Russian history, the literary and architectural history of St. Petersburg, the noble works produced in the field of Russian literature, and many other areas that I will ponder while embedding myself in a culture that still resonates thickly with historical spirit.

I will be posting at least once a week with an attempt to intertwine my academic pursuits, explorations throughout the city, language acquisition and general Russian language points of interest, cultural discrepancies and similarities between Russia and the United States, my experiences living with a native Russian family, and who knows, maybe I'll even throw in some existential philosophy and its relation to my state of being halfway across the world.