​Food and Family


Ashley Espraza - Segovia, Spain

As I was about to leave for my study abroad trip to Segovia, Spain i felt that i was very prepared for what was to come; I had done my research on Segovia, packed accordingly, triple-checked my flight plans, and readied myself for two months of speaking Spanish. The only uncertainty I had was living in a Spanish household for my stay- would it be awkward? Would I get along with my host family? I soon found out that the host family 'home was perhaps the most rewarding aspect of my study abroad experience.




Being a Vegetarian in Segovia, Spain

Michelle Van Haften - Segovia, Spain

MichelleFor almost my whole life I have been a vegetarian; going abroad was not going to change that. Before I left for Spain, I had talked to many people who had experienced traditional Spanish cuisine, like traditional fish dishes and a variety of tapas, or Spanish appetizers. All of them made so many comments on how delicious the food was and how in being a vegetarian I would be missing out on such a great part of Spain's culture. As the time came to write my first letter to my host family, I wrote in my letter about how I was a vegetarian and hoped that AHA had placed me in a home that would help me in that request. This took a little of my worry off, but I was still sad that I may not be able to enjoy all of the culture that Spain had to offer. Before I left, I decided that I would try really hard not to let being a vegetarian get in the way of my cultural experience. I decided that if there were really something that was particularly special or unique that I would attempt to try it.

No Pasa Nada!

Nicole Burdiss - Segovia, SpainNicole

 Being flung into Segovia's ancient labyrinth of history shortly after landing in Madrid was overwhelming to say the least. I'd never lived in a city before, and Segovia was different than any city I'd ever been to. Through the bus window, Segovia welcomed me with its famous castle and aqueduct, gorgeous plazas, and diverse neighborhoods I'd spend much of my time wandering over the next six weeks.




Welcome to Spain!

Michelle Aldridge - Segovia, Spain


 As I stepped off the plane, I could feel anxiety rising up within me. What would the city be like? Would my host parents like me? Did I know enough Spanish to get by? All of these thoughts rushed through my head. As my name was called from the list, I looked around searching for who my host parents would be. Then I saw a lady with bright red hair, complete with a bleach blonde streak in the front, come running towards me. She introduced herself as Hortensia, kissed me on both cheeks, a custom in Spain that I was not prepared for, and whisked me and my roommate away while simultaneously speaking Spanish at a mile per minute. From that moment on, I knew that my study abroad experience in Segovia was going to be one unforgettable adventure.