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Follow our CMU students as they embark on an exciting semester abroad. Check back regularly to hear about their experiences in their host countries! You may click on any student to link to their blog. We will also be adding more students throughout the semester.

Spring 2014

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Summer 2013






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 Haley: Summer in Sydney
Major:  English Graduate Student
Program: GlobaLinks Internship (Semester)

Czech Republic
Molly: Czech it out, Molly's in Prague...
Major: Child Development
Program: CEA Anglo American University (Semester)

Chris: Summer in Denmark
Major: Neuroscience and Psychology
Program: Danish Institute for Study Abroad (Summer)

Janaya: Summer in Copenhagen
Major:  MSA-Human Resources
Program:  Copenhagen Business School (Summer)

Amberly: Danish for Breakfast
Major: Sociology
Program: Danish Institute for Study Abroad (Semester)

Dominican Republic
Brooke: Not a Pirate of the Caribbean
Major: Sociology
Program: ISA Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra (Summer)

Sarah: Pura Vida
Major: Spanish
Program: Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Semester)

Chelsea: A Summer in Ecuador
Major: Spanish Education
Program: Universidad San Francisco de Quito (Summer)

Emily: A Semester in Ecuador
Major: English and Spanish
Program: Universidad San Francisco (Semester)

Major: Elementary Education- Math
Program: Kingston University (Semester)

Kalee: Kalee in Kingston
Major: English
Program: Kingston University (Semester)

Larissa: Kingston in Fall 2012
Major: Theater
Program: Kingston University (Semester)

Laura: Laura in London
Major:  Photojournalism 
Program: Kingston University (Semester) 

Chanelle: A year in Ormskirk, England
Major: Sociology and History
Program: Edge Hill University (Semester)

Christopher: Summer Mid-Tier in London
Major: Elementary Education
Program: Mid-Tier teaching (Summer)

David: David: A Semester in Nice
Major: Accounting
Program: IPAG (Semester)

Andrea: Andrea: A Semester in Bielefeld
Major: Photojournalism
Program: Bielefeld Tandem Program (Semester)

Julia: My Year in (a) Kassel!
Major: German, Education
Program: German Federation Exchange (Academic Year)

Krista: Summer in Berlin
Major: International Business
Program: FUBiS (Summer)

Karly: Summer in Ghana
Major: Dietetics
Program: International Nutrition Field Experience (Summer)

Ian: Adventures in Ghana with Ian
Major: History, Philosophy and Political Science
Program: University of Ghana (Semester)

Hong Kong
Callie: Callie: Semester in Hong Kong
Major: Social Work
Program: Lingnan University (Semester)

Joey: Ni Hao, Hong Kong
Major: International Business and Spanish
Program: Lingnan University (Summer)

Julie: Semester in Hong Kong
Major: Psychology
Program: Lingnan University (Semester)

Colleen: Colleen's Search for Ancient Rome​
Major: History
Program: American University of Rome (Semester)

Virginia: Adventures Abroad
Major: Marketing
Program: Palazzi (Semester)

Halie: Halie in Florence
Major: Recreational Therapy
Program: Palazzi  (Summer)

Sam: Summer in Florence
Major: Biomedical Science
Program: Palazzi in Florence (Summer)
Beth: Beth in Florence
Major:  Communication Disorders
Program: Palazzi (Semester)

Katie: Japan in 35mm
Major: Anthropology and Journalism
Program: Japan Center for Michigan Universities (Semester)

Emma: Emma Goes to Japan
Major: International Business
Program: Japan Center for Michigan Universities (Semester)

Sean: Study Abroad: Amman, Jordan
Major: International Relations
Program: CIEE Jordan (Semester)

Major: Political Science
Program: Korea University, Sejong (Semester)


Rebecca: Summer Internship in Oaxaca
Major: International Business
Program: ProWorld Internship (Summer)

The Netherlands
Major: Political Science
Program: Leiden University (Semester)

Brittany: Can't Dutch This
Major: English
Program: University of Groningen (Semester)

Laura: Groningen: Laura's Semester
Major: English and History for Secondary Education
Program: University of Groningen (Semester)

Amanda: Amanda: Semester in Singapore
Major: Biomedical Science 
Program: Nanyang Technological University (Semester)

Major: Mathematics
Program: Nanyang Technological University (Semester)

Major: Biomedical Science
Program: University of Stirling (Semester)

Annie: Annie in Edinburgh
Major: Journalism and Political Science
Program: University of Napier (Semester)

Kelley: My Summer in Seville, Spain
Major: Communication Disorders and Spanish
Program: Spanish Studies Abraod Seville (Summer)

Jenn: Aventura Española: A Semester Abroad
Major:  Spanish and Anthropology
Program: Spanish Studies Abroad Seville (Semester)

Ashley: To Go or Not To Go? Togo!
Major: English
Program: Global Connections & Interdependence Studies (summer)








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