Emily Marvosh

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Emily Marvosh

Bachelor of Music, ‘03

Major: Vocal Performance

Today: Freelance Musician


In the midst of a thriving musical career, Emily Marvosh has never forgotten her Michigan roots – or the international experience that inspired her musical journey. A CMU alumna hailing from Saginaw, Marvosh credits her study abroad semester in Vienna, Austria, with opening her eyes to the possibility of a career in music performance.


With guidance from the site director of her study abroad program, Marvosh had her first taste of operatic performance, Wagner’s Parsifal, during her first week in Vienna. Thus began a career-shaping obsession. Throughout her semester abroad, Marvosh spent as much of her time as possible in the opera houses of Vienna and Prague – often completing her homework while standing in line for tickets. When she returned to Mount Pleasant with a suitcase brimming with ticket stubs and programs, and with the revelation that making a living in musical performance was possible, Marvosh discovered that the CMU School of Music could provide the tools to set her on a previously unimagined career path.


Today, Marvosh encourages Music students to study abroad  - and to take in as many artistic performances as possible. “Studying abroad is valuable for students going into education as well as performance,” she says, “everyone is improved by experiencing as many things as possible.” Looking back on her study abroad experience, Marvosh says that she appreciated the value and career-implications of her experience in Vienna from the very beginning, but that the experience has grown more important to her with every passing year. If she could have done anything differently, she reflects, she would like to have spent a full year in Vienna instead of one semester, and applied herself more intensively to the study of the German language, which she has continued to use and find valuable throughout her career.