Renee Smith

In Their Own Words ...

Renee Smith

Bachelor of Arts ‘85

Journalism, Political Science

Today: Chief Research Officer, Kantar


What did you learn that you have applied in your life and career?

One of the things I learned during study abroad was that I could hold my own academically/intellectually/creatively with people who may have had more educational

or social opportunities than did I growing up. This gave me added confidence to continue

to stretch myself after I returned. For example, this confidence was an important factor in helping me to decide I could successfully pursue a graduate degree, which has opened up additional career paths for me.


What advice would you give to current CMU students considering or participating in study abroad?

If you’re willing to open yourself up to the possibility of change, then study abroad can

be one way to learn more about yourself in relation to others. Like most things, you can

maximize the benefits from a study abroad experience by staying “in the moment.”