As alumni of CMU study abroad programs, you are part of a community of thousands who, as students, opted to take the road less travelled. Today, less than 2% of US students enrolled in higher education study abroad. You are part of an exceptional group who opted to step out of your comfort zone and into a new country and culture in order to enrich your CMU experience. 

Congratulations on pursuing study abroad! We hope that your experience has continued to benefit you academically, personally and professionally.   

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Support a Scholarship
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Give a life-changing gift ... support a study abroad scholarship.

Scholarship Recipient Testimonials:

The scholarships that I was awarded guaranteed that I would be able to study abroad cost and worry free. I
think I was able to enjoy China to its fullest because I did not have the shadow of debt hanging over

- Daniel studied abroad in Shanghai, China

To finance my study abroad experience, 

I received scholarships through the Honors Program and the Study Abroad Office. Additionally, I was able to apply my academic scholarship to expenses Amberly.jpg
beyond tuition including program fees and flights. Thanks to this assistance, my experience abroad was affordable

- Amberly studied in Florence, Italy

When I finally applied for study abroad, cost was a big worry. The scholarships made it possible. I heard I was receiving the CMU Study Abroad Scholarship just after the semester ended. I was so excited Inari Thorensen.jpg
I actually started crying. That was when I realized, “This is actually going to happen!

- Kaitlin studied abroad Japan Center for Michigan Universities

What's your story? 

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