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Dr. Jane Davison, PI ADVANCE grant, is the interim dean of the College of Science and Technology and a Professor of Geology at CMU. contact:

Dr. Frimpomaa Ampaw, Co-PI ADVANCE grant, is a Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and the director of the Center for Applied Research Studies (CARRS). Dr. Ampaw teaches Quantitative Analysis, Advanced Quantitative Analysis, and Finance in Higher Education. Dr. Ampaw's research interests include retention and persistence in higher education, minorities and women in science education, and higher education labor market outcomes. contact:

Dr. Tracy Galorowicz, Co-PI ADVANCE grant, is a Professor in the Department of Biology.  Dr. Galarowicz's research interests include the ecology of freshwater fish, the processes and mechanisms influencing the growth and survival of fish populations, and fish habitat patterns. contact:

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Dr. Lisa Gandy, Co-PI ADVANCE grant, is an Associate Professor and Chairperson in the Department of Computer Science.  Dr. Gandy's research interests include using natural language processing techniques to help clinicians manage clinical trial data and studying how social media affects new parents.  Dr. Gandy's current role in the ADVANCE grant is grant communications and bylaws analysis, focusing on gender equity. contact:

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Dr. Katrina Piatek-Jimenez, Co-PI ADVANCE grant, is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics.  She is also currently serving as Chair of the Academic Senate at CMU.  Dr. Piatek-Jimenez's research interests include equity in mathematics education, motivation for mathematical careers, stereotypes of mathematicians, and undergraduate students' understanding of proofs and the language of mathematics. contact:

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Dr. Janice Hall Tomasik, Senior Personnel ADVANCE grant and chair of the Internal ADVANCE advisory board, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Dr. Hall Tomasik is the chair of the ADVANCE advisory board. Dr. Hall Tomasick conducts research in Chemical Education. Her research includes the design, implementation, and evaluation of CMU Research-Based Labs for General Chemistry and the development of online learning environments in regards to continuing education courses for Chemistry teachers. contact:

Dr. Kirsten Weber
Dr. Kirsten Weber, Senior Personnel ADVANCE grant, is a Professor in the Department of Communication. Dr. Weber's research interests lie at the intersection of interpersonal and health communication. Specifically, she is interested in understanding how interpersonal relationships both influence and are influenced by illness experiences. Dr. Weber’s most recent work explores how social and medical network members influence treatment decision making among cancer patients. contact:

Dr. Mary Deane Sorcinelli, ADVANCE grant External Evaluator, is a senior fellow at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Mary Deane is a well-known researcher in academic careers, faculty professional development, teaching and learning, and the evaluation of teaching. She has written over 100 articles, book chapters, and books in a wide range of sources. 

Internal ADVANCE Advisory Board

 Faculty  Department  Contact
​ Dr. Veronica   Barone
 Department of Physics
 Dr. Chin-I   Cheng
​ Department of Statistics, Actuarial, and   Data Science
 ​​Dr. Ana Dias
 ​Department of Mathematics
​ Dr. Janice Hall   Tomasik
​ Department of Chemistry and   Biochemistry
​​ Dr. Benjamin   Heumann
​ Department of Geography and   Environmental Studies​​

 Dr. Daria Kluver
 Department of Earth and Atmospheric   Sciences
​ Dr. Aparna Lhila
 Department of Economics

 Dr. Terence   Lurch 

​ Department of Engineering and   Technology
​ Dr. Anna Monfils
​ Department of Biology
 ​Dr. Kimberly   O'Brien
​ Department of Psychology​
​​ Dr. Patrick   Seeling
 Department of Computer Science

​ Dr. Mary Senter
​ Department of Sociology,   Anthropology and Social Work
 Dr. J. Cherie   Strachan
​ Department of Political Science and   Public  Administration

​ Dr. Kirsten   Weber
​ Department of Communication