General Education at CMU


For more than 120 years Central Michigan University has required students to complete coursework that transcends the boundaries of specialization to ensure their undergraduate education covers a range of topics and approaches. The goal is to have all graduates possess a common skill set, as well as an understanding of civilization in its broadest sense. Courses in the General Education Program are continuous with the rest of the university curriculum, but present material in a manner that links knowledge and skills with the 21st century lives students will lead after they graduate from CMU.

The General Education Program ensures that Central Michigan University graduates are (1) cognizant of the basic forces, ideas, and values that shape their world, (2) skilled in reasoning, writing, speaking, and interpreting quantitative information, and (3) able to think reflectively about themselves and work well with those of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The General Education Program at Central Michigan University consists of two related areas of study: Competencies and the University Program. Successful completion of both areas of study is required of all students prior to graduation. ​​