Instructional Technology

At CMU, "Instructional Technology" is a broad term which may include many things, from enterprise-level solutions, such as Blackboard or WebEx, to hardware and software, or other tools used by a single course or faculty member. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning does not necessarily run or provide all of the support for each of the tools, though our goal is to support your use of them with a focus on effective pedagogical strategies. To achieve desirable outcomes, we often collaborate with various entities across the University community.
Please bring us your challenges, ideas, desires, needs, and interests. When integrating technology is an apparent part of an effective solution, we can assist you and work together to create a plan which includes all necessary aspects. It is our intention to do whatever we can to assure that everyone involved enjoys a positive and valuable experience. 
There are a number of well-supported instructional technologies already in place to take advantage of in face-to-face, online, and off-campus environments. If you are having trouble finding a tool to meet your needs, please contact us at to discuss the options. If we do not currently have a tool available to fit your situation, we can look into options together.