Focus Areas of Functional Units

​​​​Academic and Professional Programs

  • Academic program proposal support
  • Program development and delivery
    • Undergraduate majors, minors, and certificates
    • Graduate degrees and certificates
    • Alternative academic credentials and pathways
    • Non-credit professional development
  • Collaboration and support for ideas and programs
  • Centralized facilitation of secondary information gathering, analysis, and projections
  • Trend researching and reporting

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

  • Support all instructional modalities
  • One-on-One Teaching and Learning consultations
    • Assist faculty through individual consultations, midterm semester feedback sessions, and personalized support
  • Customized professional development programming for small groups and departments
  • Online course design and media development support
  • Learning technology training​

Faculty Support and Assignment

  • Support of faculty who teach at satellite locations and online
  • Emphasis on part-time temporary (adjunct) faculty
  • Connect CMU faculty with resources and training opportunities
  • Ensure high-quality deli​very of CMU academic programs
  • Promote teaching effectiveness maximizing student learning
  • Support and foster faculty engagement with the university, their academic departments and each other