Excellence In Teaching Award Winners 2019-2020

Jeffrey Bean
English Language and Literature 
2020 CMU Excellence in Teaching Award 

Twice a recipient of an Excellence in Teaching Award, Bean is a poet and faculty member in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences whose passion for teaching is celebrated by students and colleagues alike.

"He inspires me to be both the best student and best person I can be," said one student.

Bean said he hopes to "emphasize the 'serious play' of creativity," and this radiance is captured by a former student: "His quirky combination of brilliance and fun creates an atmosphere that feels stimulating, nourishing and bright."

Jamie Haines
Physical Therapy 
2020 CMU Excellence in Teaching Award

A faculty member in The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions, Haines is passionate about innovative teaching strategies and experiential learning. She promotes students' self-efficacy, enabling them to be leaders and advocates in their profession.

Students and peers recognize her enthusiasm for teaching and the way she utilizes research on learning to maximize impact on students.

"We felt heard and respected," said one student. "We are willing to go above and beyond for her both in and out of the classroom, because she is willing to do the same for us."

Troy Hicks
Teacher Education and Professional Development 
2020 CMU Excellence in Teaching Award 

Hicks, a faculty member in the College of Education and Human Services, is a nationally recognized scholar in educational technology.

Colleagues and students describe him as an organized, creative, reflective and humble instructor who cares deeply about students and their learning.

"He did not disappoint in setting high expectations for what he would instruct and what I would accomplish in his courses," one student said. "He crafted tasks that focused on my learning while encouraging my prior life experiences and knowledge to be integrated into new concepts being explored."

David Kinney
Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work 
2020 CMU Excellence in Teaching Award

Kinney is a sociology faculty member in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences who feels that building rapport with students is essential to their learning.

He values the perspective each student brings, and he consistently partners service to the community and knowledge from the classroom in service learning opportunities that excite and engage students.

"He spends time with students in the field, at local schools, collaborating on peer/school programs relating to gender and equality," said a colleague. "This outside-of-the-classroom emphasis cannot be overstated."

Barbara Klocko
Educational Leadership 
2020 CMU Student Choice Excellence in Teaching Award

Klocko is a faculty member and program director within the College of Education and Human Services.

She has mentored and inspired countless graduate students and has a reputation as a strong and passionate leader. She sets a bar of excellence while training students to be bold and effective leaders.

Klocko combines a rigorous and transformative educational experience with relationship-building, critical discourse, meaningful and substantive feedback, creativity, humor, and kindness to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the success of each of her students.

Alexandra MacDougall
2020 Lorrie Ryan Memorial CMU Excellence in Teaching Award

At the core of MacDougall's teaching in the College of Business Administration is "engaging instruction, experiential learning methods and opportunities for the development of students' critical thinking skills."

Students praise her for her approach in the classroom. One said MacDougall shares many real-life examples and opportunities in the field that show students the bigger picture of how they can directly make an impact after leaving the classroom.

A colleague noted she "stands out because of the consistent follow-up with students as they pursue their goals."

Mona-Liza Sirbescu
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 
2020 CMU Excellence in Teaching Award

Sirbescu is a geology faculty member in the College of Science and Engineering whose real-world teaching methods build students' skills through hands-on experiences.

"She is a kind and inspiring role model who has mentored dozens of undergraduates," said a colleague who nominated her.

Students appreciate her efforts. Said one: "She was always at the forefront of field trip groups, getting her hands dirty and serving as an example. Her enthusiasm is one of her strongest assets. At the same time, she is exceedingly humble — a rare combination."