2021 Faculty Distinguished Service Award

Donna Ericksen
Professor - Mathematics
2021 Faculty Distinguished Service Award 

During her 35 years at Central Michigan University, Dr. Donna Ericksen dedicated herself to the highest levels of service. Throughout her career Dr. Ericksen has been continuously involved in all aspects of the University, always seeking ways that her efforts could be of benefit to CMU. Dr. Ericksen’s contributions are extensive and too numerous to fully detail.

Dr. Ericksen served 19 years in the Academic Senate, was a Senate Executive Committee Representative and chaired many of the senate’s committees. Dr. Ericksen was active on advisory committees for the CMU administration including Senior Administrative Fellows Evaluation Committee, CMU Shared Governance and Communications Committee, Provost Search Committee, Presidential Transition Sub-team, Faculty Liaison to the Board of Trustees, University Community Advisory Panel, and the Joint Presidential-Senate Task Force on the Future of Professional Education. Dr. Ericksen continuously pursued ways to contribute to the excellence of CMU.

Dr. Ericksen’s exceptional service to the Department of Mathematics cannot effectively be summarized but is evidenced by serving on or chairing more than 30 departmental committees, serving as an Assistant Chairperson, co-leading Faculty Learning Communities, and acting as Mathematics Education area coordinator.

Dr. Ericksen served on the Honors Council for 9 years, 3 of those years as Chair. Dr. Ericksen’s efforts were instrumental in providing the richest possible, life changing, educational experience for Honors students. Dr. Ericksen found great pleasure in the evaluation of Honor’s applications, a time-consuming task. Dr. Ericksen put the needs of students first and her efforts insured that Honors applicants’ positive attributes would receive appropriate recognition. Dr. Ericksen led several student trips to The People’s Republic of China, providing students the opportunity to live and interact with Chinese students and immerse themselves in Chinese culture. Dr. Ericksen and a colleague created and led a student trip to Mexico focusing on the sophisticated math and science accomplishments of the Mayan peoples. Dr. Ericksen’s efforts were instrumental in providing the richest possible, life changing educational experiences for Honors students.

Dr. Ericksen served on the Faculty Association Board of Directors for seventeen years, serving as President in 2007-2008 and as Membership Officer afterward. Dr. Ericksen worked, tirelessly, behind the scenes, spending countless hours dedicated to improving the working life of the faculty of CMU.

Dr. Ericksen was loved and respected by her students. Dr. Ericksen’s dedication to her craft and the achievement of her students was clear. Students benefited from Dr. Ericksen’s innovative approach to teaching and her endless willingness to assist them in any way possible.

Thirty-five (35) years of service: service to students, to Math Education, the Department of Mathematics, and to Central Michigan University as a whole.