Faculty Distinguished Service Award Winner 2018

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Jim McDonald

James T. McDonald, Teacher Education & Professional Development

Dr. James T. McDonald joined CMU in 2002 and is a Professor in the Teacher Education and Professional Development Department in the College of Education and Human Services.  He founded the student chapter of the National Science Teachers Association in CMU and serves as the Faculty Advisor.  Dr. McDonald established the Central Michigan GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science) Education Center in 2006 and serves as its Director.  GEMS Leaders are undergraduate preservice teachers at CMU who volunteer to assume leadership responsibilities in providing professional development in math and science education for in-service teachers and other preservice teachers using the GEMS materials. Dr. McDonald launched the Super Saturday Program in fall 2012.  The program emphasizes creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and independent learning for pre-K through fifth-grade students.  Dr. McDonald has served on several university committees and is also a past Academic Senate Chair. Dr. McDonald is currently serving as the President of the Council for Elementary Science International and served in 2010-11 as President of the Michigan Science Education Leadership Association.  He has given keynote speeches and professional presentations at regional, national, and international research conferences in four countries.  Dr. McDonald's commitment to engagement and advocacy as well as his many service contributions have been exemplary, and have proven him to be an inspiration to his department, college, and CMU's students.