Lorrie Ryan Memorial Excellence Award Winner 2017

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Robert Miller, Information SystemsRobert Miller

Dr. Miller is an Associate Professor in Information Systems in the College of Business Administration.  A colleague notes that “Dr. Miller helps students function as real teams. Students feel they belong and own the class, that they provide an active role in making the class experience successful. Students freely help other students in appropriate ways to see that content is mastered.”  Dr. Miller states that his goal “is to foster their (student’s) sense of curiosity to the point where they can develop a passion of their own. I explain to them that we are beginning a journey that will affect us all.  They will be learning and so will I.” A student stated simply that “Anyone can read a book and have a wealth of knowledge about a subject but not many have the ability to put what they know to use.  I think Dr. Miller did a fantastic job relating the two.”