Lorrie Ryan Memorial Excellence Award Winner 2018

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Tom Kozal

Thomas Kozal, Health Sciences

Tom Kozal is a valued member of the School of Health Sciences in the College of Health Professions. Mr. Kozal prides himself on creating classroom environments where students feel respected, appreciated, and safe. Mr. Tom Kozal believes "it takes a community to raise a future professional." He stated that he "is not the only one instructing and providing knowledge in the classroom" but that he and his students learn from each other. As described by a colleague, "I think the sense of community in the classroom is what makes Mr. Kozal extraordinary as a teacher. Students do not miss classes; they want to be there to learn and be a part of what is happening." As described by a student, "Mr. Kozal truly embodies all the qualities that one needs to build rapport with students. He is outgoing, warm, friendly, optimistic, open, humorous, and generous." Another student shared, "The activities that we did in class were interactive and required us to work with different people often. This helped up to get to know our fellow classmates on a more intimate level, which helped to create a greater sense of community within the classroom."