Lorrie Ryan Memorial Excellence Award Winner 2015

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Dr. Jeanneane Wood-Nartker is a Professor of Interior Design in the Department of Human Environmental Studies.  Her research interests include creating environments for older adults and environments for assisted living facilities.

In her teaching philosophy, Dr. Wood-Nartker explained, "Every day, I am energized about the opportunity to influence people's lives. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to help students reach their unique goals. That has made me look forward to each day with enthusiasm and passion for my work."

A colleague of 23 years stated, "I don't know a professor who is more caring and thoughtful when it comes to her students. This even goes beyond the classroom. She has assisted numerous students--making sure they have food and shelter, guiding them to appropriate resources, helping them with life challenges, etc. She has a heart for serving people, and this shows in the way she cares for her students."