Excellence in Teaching Awards

Excellence in Teaching Awards

Central Michigan University has a long and proud tradition of excellence in teaching. The faculty of Central Michigan University has maintained this tradition by setting high standards in demanding competence of all its members. At the same time, however, there are occasions when faculty members exceed the usual standards and expectations.  

The Academic Senate believes that such occasions and individuals should receive special recognition and has therefore established the annual Excellence in Teaching Awards, directed by the Excellence in Teaching Awards Committee (ETAC) and supported by the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support.  

The Excellence in Teaching Awards Committee (ETAC) is commissioned by the Academic Senate and administers the Excellence in Teaching Awards, the Student Choice Award, and the Lorrie Ryan Memorial Award. 

Past Excellence in Teaching Award Winners

            Past winners by year: 1985 - Present

Student Choice Award 

The Student Choice Award is facilitated by the student members of the CMU Excellence in Teaching Committee (ETAC) and in coordination with the Excellence in Teaching Award timeline. The student ETAC members organize and complete the entire process under the supervision of the committee chairperson.  An email announcement with nomination instructions is sent out to the entire student body.    

Nominees must be current faculty members who are knowledgeable in their subject matter, positive role models, excellent at engaging students, well prepared and organized, respectful and inspiring, and reachable and accessible.  Graduate Student Assistants (GA) and Teaching Assistants (TA) are not eligible for this award. The awardee is announced every year in March at the Faculty Excellence Exhibition held in the UC Rotunda.

Lorrie Ryan Memorial Excellence in Teaching Award 

Established in 2006 in memory of Lorrie Ryan by her family and friends, this award is used to recognize outstanding faculty members who demonstrate strong teaching, personify respect and inspiration, and serve as a positive role model. Dr. Ryan was an Associate Professor in Human Environmental Studies and an awardee of the 2002 Excellence in Teaching Award. She was passionate about knowing her students; always seeking to build community, respect, and rapport in her classes in order to establish a positive foundation for learning.  

The Lorrie Ryan Memorial Award is facilitated through the CMU Excellence in Teaching Awards nomination timeline and process. Nominees must be full-time faculty members and demonstrate the same characteristics so valued in Dr. Ryan’s practice, as evidenced by peer, student, and alumni recommendations. The awardee is announced every year in March at the Faculty Excellence Exhibition held in the UC Rotunda.  

For further information on this award or the nomination process, please contact us 989.774.3615 or cis@cmich.edu.