Student Choice Award Winner 2016-2017

Jennifer Kitchen Schaeffer

Jennifer Kitchen Schaeffer, School of Music

Jennifer Kitchen Schaeffer is an Instructor of Music Theory in the School of Music - College of Communication and Fine Arts.  Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable in her subject matter and shows this in the Music and the Mind course she designed.  Her classes fill to capacity as soon as they are available for enrollment.  A colleague notes that “She is an incredible role model of knowledge, generosity, and professionalism”.  A student commented, “The classroom really did feel like home, and I loved going to it every day.  Everyone worked together and it was just one big learning community that extended to all sections of their classes...if I could have this instructor for every class, I would.”  Jennifer states “My goal is to inspire by being a strong role model, showing my dedication and hard work, and encouraging students.  I want my students to be excited about their educational choices, so I show them I am excited about my own.”