Services at a Glance

The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support: a one-stop faculty support shop.


For all-things-teaching, curricula, assessment, and more, our specialized staff are here to help. Support services include:
  • Course design
  • Classroom management 
  • Curriculum development
  • Demonstration of student learning
  • Program and course delivery
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Pro Services

The art, science, and administration of teaching often yield needs that can benefit from expert assistance. Our Pro Services: CoursePro, DesignPro, MediaPro and TLPro can respectively provide task-specific and holistic support as needed. 
  • CoursePro will assist in adding, deleting, configuring, and structuring content in CMU’s Learning Management System, Blackboard.  
  • DesignPro assists with aesthetic and accessible design needs for academic artifacts—from course syllabi and assignments to slides and custom graphics.
  • MediaPro offers professional-level support for audio/video media creation, editing and post-production, as well as live-streaming. Join us in one of our internationally recognized studios or arrange for an on-site production.

Maker Spaces

Audio and video are powerful tools to enhance teaching and learning. Located in the 413 suite of Park Library, our self-booking studios enable the production of high-quality video content. Our maker spaces offer three distinct production methods:
  • Video Maker Space:  A video recording studio to allow an individual or small groups the ability to create high-quality video content.
  • Audio Maker Space:  An audio recording booth empowers individuals to produce narrated screen captures with broadcast-quality sound.
  • Lightboard Maker Space: A lightboard-equipped studio to support creation of demonstrative content on a large glass writing surface.

Academic Systems

Our staff support faculty and academic administrators in facilitating CMU’s curriculum and assessment processes, including successful use of academic infrastructure systems.
  • Curriculum Management: Administration of the CMU Bulletins and structure for all curriculum proposal/approval stages.
  • Syllabus Support: Templates and resources for developing course syllabi.
  • Assessment Management: Structure and guidance for program-level assessment plans, reporting of findings, and on-going analysis.
  • Course Evaluations and Surveys: Support for distribution of the Student Opinion Survey (SOS) and use of resulting reports.
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