Services at a Glance

​The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support: a one-stop faculty support shop.

Specialized Consultations

When it comes to all-things-teaching, curricula, assessment, and more, our specialized staff are here to help. Support services include:
  • Course design
  • Classroom management 
  • Curriculum development
  • Demonstration of student learning
  • Program and course delivery
To take the next step, e-mail with your needs.

Teaching Feedback

Our Teaching and Learning Consultants support educators in implementing effective evidence-based teaching and learning practices, technologies, and curriculum in all class formats. Services include:

Pro Services

The art and administration of teaching often yield needs that can sometimes benefit from some expert assistance. Our Pro Services, CoursePro and DesignPro, can provide task-specific support as needed. 
  • CoursePro: A service to assist in adding, deleting, and structuring content in our Learning Management System, Blackboard.  
  • DesignPro: A service to assist with aesthetic design and accessibility needs for academic artifacts—from course syllabi and assignments to slides and posters.

Maker Spaces

Audio and video are powerful tools to enhance teaching and learning. Located in the 413 suite of Park Library, our self-booking studios enable the production of high-quality video content. Our maker spaces offer three distinct production methods:
  • Video Maker Space:  A video recording studio to allow an individual or multiple presenters the ability to create video lectures.
  • Audio Maker Space:  An audio recording booth to allow individuals to produce narrated screen captures.
  • Lightboard Maker Space: A lightboard equipped studio to allow individuals to develop demonstrative content on a large glass writing surface.