Park 413B Conference Room

The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support's conference room, 413B, is a self-booking 12-seat meeting space located adjacent to the front desk/reception area.  

The room is well-equipped for in-person and virtual gatherings.   

In-room technology and facilities include: 

  • 75" Ultra-high definition wall-mounted television monitor 
  • Crestron AirMedia for wirelessly presenting laptop or mobile content 
  • In-room PC with wireless keyboard and mouse 
  • Ceiling microphone array with auto-gain and noise-cancellation 
  • High-Definition Web camera  
  • Speakerphone (CETL reserves the right to revert phone charges incurred) 
  • HDMI connections for use with your device 
  • Whiteboard 

To reserve the room, add 'PA413b' to your Outlook calendar appointment.  

  • If the room is available, an automatic confirmation will be received. Please pay careful attention to the confirmation message as it includes important pre-use information.  
  • If you attempt to reserve a time that's not available, you'll receive an email declining the invitation, so you can choose another time. 

Using the Room

Locate the Crestron touch-panel on the table and choose from 4 options to display content on the in-room LCD Screen: 
  1. AirMedia - Wirelessly share your laptop or mobile device screen to the display. Follow the onscreen instructions to share your screen. Mobile device users will need to download the Crestron AirMedia App to share their screen. 
  2. Desktop - This option displays the screen for the in-room PC. Use the wireless keyboard and mouse to login. The ceiling mic, audio processor, and HD webcam are connected to the in-room PC so this option is ideal for virtual meetings using Webex. 
  3. HDMI 1 - Each cable cubbie has an HDMI cable that connects to the LCD Display. Connect your device and choose the appropriate options from the touch panel. 
  4. HDMI 2 - Each cable cubbie has an HDMI cable that connects to the LCD Display. Connect your device and choose the appropriate options from the touch panel. 


As the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support's mission is to promote and facilitate student learning through research-based professional development opportunities for faculty, CIS events, as well as those serving faculty-specific needs, will receive first priority, if scheduling conflicts arise. 

Though our staff is committed to providing a high-quality experience for all constituents, please understand that we cannot guarantee staff availability to provide logistical or technical support for your use of this space.  A user manual is provided for reference.  It is the responsibility of the presenter/meeting owner to familiarize themselves with the space in advance, to make arrangements for early arrival or special accommodations (e.g. catering, non-CMU guests, etc.).  

If you encounter any technical difficulty using the in-room equipment, please contact the Help Desk.  If you have logistical questions or require other assistance, please consult the front desk staff in-person, email CIS or call 989-774-3615.