Your CIS Toolbox

To support your continued and diverse instructional needs, consider these valuable, time-saving, course enhancing, troubleshooting strategies and services provided by your colleagues here at the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support. Below, you will find quick access to intentionally selected and curated resources that have been customized to meet your dynamic teaching, learning, and assessing needs.  

Learning Collection: Using Ready-To-Teach Course Content: An Introduction (6:54) 

In this video, we explain what Ready-To-Teach (RTT) content is, explore an example, and show how to find these materials for use in your course.  

CoursePro to the Rescue! (6:25)

Learn what our CoursePro team can do and how to get their help, adding functionality and structure to your Blackboard course shell.  

Additional Resources

Here is a list of hand-picked resources and tutorials on topics specifically related to this category. Some of these are mentioned within and pertain to the items above, while others are included as additional instructive material. Note: some links will require a CMICH login for access. 

For additional help and training on educational technologies, such as Blackboard, WebEx, Panopto and more, check out our Tackling the Technology page.

For technical assistance, the first point of contact is the OIT Help Desk. Additional resources and contact information are available on the Office of Information Technology’s Help Desk page  

If additional assistance and consultation are needed, the CIS staff are available to support you. Contact us at or call 989-774-3615.