Blended Instruction - CMU Compressed and Hybrid Courses

I’ve been assigned a compressed (e.g., summer, six week, three weekend) hybrid course and would like to prepare for a great experience.

CMU is proud of our long history in delivering high-quality degree programs at our satellite locations across North America.  Through compressed schedules, students have been able to balance their academic studies with their careers and other significant commitments. Blended instruction fits seamlessly into a compressed course format, as online strategies help maximize in- and out-of-class learning.

CMU’s Hybrid courses follow a strict schedule of in-class, face-to-face hours.  In many states, a minimum of 24 “contact” hours is required, but this can vary by state.  Make sure to carefully review your course contract and/or confirmation letter for the specific course dates.  We intentionally give instructors the flexibility of choosing the specific arrangements for face-to-face and online sessions to meet the needs of an individual course:

  • Weeknight courses will typically meet six face-to-face sessions and hold two online sessions.
  • Weekend courses will typically meet two face-to-face weekends and hold one weekend online.  

The following resources will help you prepare yourself and your course for Hybrid delivery.  

For additional support in designing and delivering a rich, successful, and enjoyable blended course experience, please contact us at or 989-774-3615.  One of our team members from the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support would be happy to assist you.