Course Prep Steps

Once content has been successfully copied into your Blackboard course shell, use the below checklist as a guide to assist with preparing your online course.

To learn more about copying content into your Blackboard course shell, see Performing a Course Copy.

Post-Course-Copy Preparation

  • Manage the Course Menu (review for duplicate or obsolete menu items)
  • Remove Old Discussion Board Posts by former students that carried over with the course copy performed
  • Re-configure Availability and Due Dates with the Date Management Tool
    • Check for “hard” dates (e.g. April 23rd) that need updating
    • Check for Time Released/Adaptive Released Materials to update
    • If hosting virtual meetings, update meeting days and times
  • Run the Link Checker tool to Identify Broken Links
  • Remove Duplicate Grade Center Columns
  • Prepare Exams
    • Set up needed exam security measures (LDB, RM, proctored, etc.)
    • Set exam availability dates
    • Enter proctor passcodes if using proctored exams (passcodes provided by eLearning Delivery & Support)

Course Personalization

  • Add your instructor info/bio as this helps create a sense of community.
  • Add your contact info including the best days and times you can be reached
  • Be sure to list any WebEx Virtual Meetings and/or Office Hours
  • If you have not yet completed your syllabus, follow these SBT Guidelines to create your upcoming teaching syllabus
  • Upload your syllabus or create a link to your SBT syllabus
  • Send a Welcome Announcement

Make Course Available