HyFlex Frequently Asked Questions

HyFlex is a course design model that brings together face-to-face and real-time internet-based instruction. Because this model is new to many of us, questions are understandably arising about how the system works and how we will navigate this new process. 

What is HyFlex and how does it work?

In short, HyFlex allows for simultaneous instruction to students in a physical classroom space while other students attend remotely, in real-time, from either a campus classroom or off-campus location. Our Succeeding with Hyflex Instruction page has useful information and resources for further understanding and implementing the Hyflex mode of instruction.

Are we expected to teach in a physical classroom this fall?

Most faculty will be expected to teach using HyFlex.
  • If a course is scheduled for fully online delivery, it will continue to be taught in that format.
  • If a course is scheduled to be offered face-to-face in a classroom, it will be taught in that same classroom using the HyFlex model.
  • There are two subcommittees working on logistics for fall instruction. One subcommittee is reviewing the use of specialized equipment and techniques and another group is working on social distancing guidelines. More information on this will be coming.

Can I elect to teach asynchronously/fully online?

You are expected to teach in the delivery mode you are currently assigned by your department chair and dean. The mode of instruction, HyFlex or online, cannot be changed without discussion with the department chair with the final approval from the college dean.

Will classrooms be equipped to facilitate effective HyFlex instruction?

Classrooms will be equipped with the appropriate technology to facilitate effective HyFlex instruction. The exact type of equipment will depend on the size of the teaching space among other factors. All rooms will be equipped in time for the beginning of the fall semester, and additional information will be communicated when final designations are determined.

How will appropriate social distancing be achieved in classrooms?

All classrooms are currently being evaluated to determine the appropriate student capacity for the room to ensure strict compliance with social distancing protocols. The exact capacity of each room will be communicated to chairs and deans when finalized.

How will it be determined which students attend class face-to-face?

All classrooms will have student capacity limits. Therefore, it will most likely be necessary for the faculty to designate that some students attend the physical classroom and others the virtual classroom on different days. Please work collaboratively with your chair to determine the most effective department practices.

If a student is registered in a face-to-face course, can they still attend the course via HyFlex if they are unable to return to campus?

Yes. Safety and health are our primary concerns.

What are some things I should consider to be effective in HyFlex?

Precisely what changes are necessary will vary by instructor and course. There are a few, more ubiquitous things, which may require attention:
  • Items written on a classroom chalkboard or whiteboard may not be visible to students attending remotely. Therefore, slides, on-screen typing, and/or a document camera (where available) should be considered.
  • Strategies for engagement and collaboration, with both audiences, will require consideration, especially in classes with team projects and other group assignments.
  • The cameras and microphones will be wired to the podium computer.