Maximizing Learning: Expectations for CMU Instructors

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The purpose of this document is to specify behaviors essential to the effectiveness of instructors teaching CMU courses online and at satellite locations.  CMU’s overarching goal is to provide our learners with quality educational experiences that promote lifelong learning and achieve measurable learning outcomes. The following document specifies observable instructor behaviors, teaching practices and underlying pedagogical principles widely associated with teaching effectiveness. The document also specifies essential means by which instructors indirectly enhance the learning environment and improve academic outcomes, including regular participation in professional development activities and consistent alignment with CMU’s procedures and policies.

Teaching as a creative and innovative process

CMU recognizes that teaching is a creative and innovative process combining both the essential behaviors required of all university faculty and the less concrete techniques and approaches instructors should emphasize to enhance students’ learning. In recognition of these two contributory elements, the attached document contains two separate sections: Part One: Requirements for the Faculty Role and Part Two: Expectations for the Faculty Role. 

Part One describes those behaviors that are considered required elements of the instructor job description. Part Two describes in greater detail eight instructional principles essential to teaching effectiveness and expected of all faculty. Several behavioral examples of each instructional principle are included to help faculty, particularly those new to the profession, successfully integrate these best practices into their existing teaching styles. Strategies were selected in accordance with their strong empirical relationships to enhanced learning outcomes among adult students in flexible delivery formats.


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Part One: Requirements for the Faculty Role


Part Two: Expectations of the Faculty Role