Structuring Community and Sustaining Expectations

This collection of research and experience supported materials was created to help you meet your dynamic teaching and learning needs.  Check out the resources provided here to learn more about establishing an engaging community in your face to face, remote, and HyFlex classes. You’ll also find information and tips for maintaining high expectations, fostering inclusivity, and building rapport with students in various learning environments, simultaneously. 

Collaborative Learning in a HyFlex Class (8:59)   

In this video, we share a few techniques to foster small group learning opportunities in diverse class environments. 

HyFlex Teaching: Engaging Two Audiences at the Same Time (11:05)

In this video, we share a few techniques to engage learners in a bi-modal classroom using practical, active learning strategies.   

Creating Small Groups in MS Teams (5:42)   

In this video, faculty member Dr. Doug Lapp, illustrates how to create small groups or “channels” within Microsoft Teams.  

Additional Resources

Here is a list of hand-picked resources and tutorials on topics specifically related to this category. Some of these are mentioned within and pertain to the items above, while others are included as additional instructive material. Note: some links will require a CMICH login for access. 

For additional help and training on educational technologies, such as Blackboard, WebEx, Panopto and more, check out our Tackling the Technology page. 

For technical assistance, the first point of contact is the OIT Help Desk. Additional resources and contact information are available on the Office of Information Technology’s Help Desk page  

If additional assistance and consultation are needed, the CIS staff are available to support you. Contact us at or call 989-774-3615.