Syllabus Build Tool (SBT) Support

The Syllabus Build Tool (SBT) manages all teaching syllabi for courses taught online or at one of CMU's off-campus satellite centers.  The SBT is designed to ensure alignment with CMU’s Master Course Syllabi, provide a structure for communicating all necessary course components, collect and retain all syllabi in one centralized system, and consistently communicate both academic expectations and support services to students. 

Access the SBT – you will log in with your CMU global ID and password. 

There are many tutorials available to guide you in using the Syllabus Build Tool.  All tutorials are accessed through the CMU Knowledge Base, including: 

  • Accessing your course in SBT 
  • Moving through SBT - Building Your Syllabus 
  • Listing Required Textbooks and Materials 
  • Editing/Deleting Book or Equipment List Information 
  • Posting the Syllabus to Blackboard 
  • Master Course Syllabi (MCS) 
The SBT system automatically incorporates key components of the current and approved Master Course Syllabus (MCS). However, we encourage you to review the applicable MCS for your course, available through the CMU Academic Senate Master Course Syllabi Directory.