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We heard you! Based on our experiences here at CIS and some suggestions from you, our hardworking faculty, we’ve added a new interactive component to our website:  
  • a safe space  
  • to talk to one another about how we are still serving our students, and the CMU community  
  • to share and celebrate what we are doing during this era of learning continuity.    
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How do I use this?
Blog screenshotTo setup our forum as quickly as possible, we’ve recast CMU’s blogging tool as an interactive forum. Getting it online quickly was necessary for obvious reasons, but using a blog like this might be a little new and strange at first.

When you visit one of the pages (like the one pictured), you’ll need to scroll down to beneath the post, to the “Leave a Reply” area, entering your story in the Comment box.

When you’ve finished writing, click the “Post Comment” button to add your contribution. We can’t wait to see what you share!

Why we need this:

Our current situation is new.
We are all finding ourselves needing to learn new things, do new things, and use new things. When we experience something new: sometimes it works (so we celebrate), sometimes it doesn’t (so we learn), and sometimes it’s hilarious (so we laugh). Here, we have created a space for you to post, share, and talk about all of these.  

“We will get through this together. That’s what CMU Chippewas do.” President Davies. 

In the words of our CMU Provost, Dr. Schutten, this is another way for us to “…keep physical distance while strengthening the bonds of friendship and care that are always the foundations of the CMU community.”

Before you get started, some considerations:  
  • Goals 
    • Infuse positivity.  
    • Combat the quarantine with conversation 
    • Identify and share what we are learning.  
    • Support each other’s’ experience.  
  • This is a safe space built for peer-peer support. Standard courtesy and professionalism expectations apply.  
  • “Be kind to yourself and your students, this is a stressful time and that is OK.” Provost Schutten 
  • Please direct all questions/concerns to cis@cmich.edu 

What exactly am I supposed to do here?  Share success, scavenge solutions, and build community. 
  • Tell us about the positive (and funny!) experiences you’ve had during this time of learning continuity. 
  • Post about the challenges that you’ve seen transform into opportunities (and/or more challenges). 
  • Share examples (and photos!) of the creative ways that you’ve seen and are doing to make learning online work for your students, and also manageable and rewarding for you.   
  • If you don’t feel like you have anything to share, that is ok (we hear you!), and this website is for you too! We hope that through these interactions, reading what your peers have written, seeing what they are doing, etc. that your spirits may be lifted.  
  • Find ideas and strategies being used by your colleagues to troubleshoot those remaining cases where things aren’t going as well as you’d like.  
  • Nothing is too big or too small to share; we’re all in this together, staying Fired Up and Focused! 
  • If you have a suggestion for a new topic on this forum, submit your idea to us so we can post it and start the discussion.

Post to one of the starter forums here or view the entire "What's Working" category on the CIS blog:

 What's Working Forum

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