End of Course (SOS/EOC) Survey Support

​​​The End of Course (EOC) Survey is a web-based survey asking students questions about their perceptions of course quality, instruction, and CMU services.  It begins with the CMU Student Opinion Survey (SOS) and then includes an additional 21 closed-ended questions.  The EOC survey is utilized for any online and satellite-location course enrolling 5 or more students, with the exception of some capstone, thesis or dissertation courses. The current EOC system has been used since fall 2011.

The Student Opinion Survey (SOS) for CMU’s main campus courses is supported and administered by the Office of Academic Planning and Analysis. Visit their Student Opinion Survey Support Center for reports, administration guides, and additional resources.


Instructors are notified by email when their EOC survey reports are available. Access is only provided to instructors after the survey closes and final grades are submitted. CMU academic administrators can access the survey reports for courses within their associated program, department or college.  There are three types of report currently available: a standard course report, a peer-comparison report, and a self-comparison report.

The standard course report provides the student responses to each survey question for a selected course, including the question mean, standard deviation, and response percentage.  The report also provides course details and a link to the syllabus (through Syllabus Build Tool).

This report provides comparison between the SOS questions on the selected course and a selected range of courses.  This report is intended for individual instructor use in considering their course survey results.  There must be at least 2 other instructors for the comparison courses to show. 

This report provides instructors a comparison between their SOS questions on a selected course and a range of their other courses.

From fall 2002 through summer 2011, CMU used paper-based surveys for courses taught at satellite locations.  Online courses used a prior web-based system. 

Reports from courses prior to spring 2008 have a different question set and rating scales; in addition, the reported mean scores are generated from a reverse scale where 1 = positive response and 4 = negative response.  If you have any questions regarding the Legacy System EOC Reports, please contact our office.

Administration Guide

Administrators, please click on the Overview of the EOC Survey System for Administrators​ document to see a step by step guide on report access, using the report interface and understanding response rates. 
For questions or support, please contact Dawn Welch at 
welch1d@cmich.edu or 989-774-7143.