Questions Frequently Asked by Faculty and Staff


When are Bulletins published for the next academic year?

  • NOTE: New publishing dates effective for 2021-2022
  • The Undergraduate Bulletin is published online on March 1 each year, to be in time for new student orientation.
  • The Graduate Studies Bulletin is published online on May 1 each year.
  • Each printed Bulletin will go to the printer a week after the online publication date.
  • Please note: Except for very rare circumstances, Bulletins will be published online by the dates listed above.

What is the deadline to submit non-curricular updates?

  • The due date for non-curricular updates is February 1 for the Undergraduate Bulletin; April 1 for the Graduate Bulletin.
  • If you have a delay in meeting these deadlines, you should contact the Editor before the due date to make arrangements.

When do curricular changes need to be through the curricular process to be included in the Bulletin?

  • Minutes with curricular program changes must be posted on the Senate Website and have an objection date BEFORE the listed publishing dates.
  • NoteItems such as courses or new programs posted after that date will be entered into SAP.  If the implementation date is during the upcoming academic year, those changes will be made in the online Bulletin(s). 

Do I have to wait for the submission deadline to send the Editor my updates?

  • No. Please submit your updates as soon as you know them. Waiting for the deadline can cause unnecessary delays. As you can imagine, the Bulletins are complex documents that require reviewing, testing, and linking before they are published.
  • As soon as updated information becomes available, please submit it to the Bulletin Editor; you do not need to wait to submit all changes at once. Multiple submissions are welcomed. 

Implementation Dates on Curricular Programs

How do implementation dates in curricular minutes affect the Bulletins?

  • It is important to remember that if a program is being changed, it must be changed as of a Fall implementation date rather than a Spring or Summer date. Programs are not changed as of a spring date because the Bulletins are already published and students are already following that information. There is an expectation by students that a program will not be changed halfway through the academic year.
  • Courses have implementation dates based on whether multi-semester registration is open yet.

Submission of Edits to the Bulletin

What’s the best way to submit updates to the Editor?

  • Academic departments may assign one or two people to have permission to update departmental information in SmartCatalog.  These designees may change introductory paragraphs and admission, retention, and termination standards as they do not require curricular approval. Note: Curriculum and courses must go through the curricular process. The Editor will monitor the curricular processes for these changes and is responsible for updating these items accordingly.
  • Non-academic departments may also assign one or two people to have permission to update their departmental information. Note: Policies and procedures must be approved by the appropriate authority, such as the Senate, the President, Provost or other Vice President, department director, etc.
  • Updates and corrections may be sent via e-mail to the Editor, Laura McGuire, for processing. Submissions must be in writing.

Input on Bulletin Layout

I have a great idea on how the Bulletin should be laid out/organized/information highlighted consistently throughout—when should I contact the Editor to talk about this?

  • The best time to contact the Editor about major changes to the organization of the Bulletin would be summer or early fall before the next Bulletin process begins.

Errors in the Bulletins

If I find an error in a Bulletin, when should I contact the Editor?

  • Immediately! An error can be researched and corrected in the online Bulletin. Additionally, a note can be added on the Corrections and Updates webpage.

Errors on Personal Credentials in the Undergraduate Bulletin

The Bulletin says I got my B.S. degree at WMU, and I attended CMU!! How do I get this changed?!

  • You may contact the Editor with corrections to your information; however, you must also contact your personnel office (either Human Resources or Faculty Personnel Services). This information is provided to the Editor by those departments. The Editor cannot change official personnel information. This will also ensure that it is correct in the years to come.

Printed Bulletins

How do I receive a printed Bulletin?

  • Departments may order Bulletins from Printing Services by providing the number of copies needed (UG or Grad) and the account number to be charged. This information is collected during the spring semester each year. Contact your department if you want a printed Bulletin for the following academic year.


Contact the Bulletins Editor for assistance with:

  • Questions or trouble with a pending deadline? 
  • For SmartCatalog training or permissions 
  • Questions on how to set up or make changes to your curricular program? Call us early in the process (to save time and headaches). We can advise on consistent bulletin language and set-up for SAP-SLCM.   
  • For last-minute changes close to the February 1 or April 1 deadlines?
  • Thanks for your assistance in making the CMU Bulletins as accurate as possible!

Other questions?

Laura McGuire, Editor of Bulletins and Curricular Minutes, 
Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support,
413Q Park Library, 989-774-1590;

Updated 03/2021