Guidance and Resources for Online Course Development and Revision Cohorts

After the kick-off meeting at the beginning of each semester, smaller cohort groups are formed. Each is facilitated by an instructional designer (ID), who works closely with the group of faculty during the 12-week online course development and revision process. The designated ID hosts bi-weekly meetings with the cohort to guide the process, engages the conversation, brainstorms and discusses ideas and strategies, answers questions, and provides continuous support.

The following is a suggested cohort meeting agenda. (It only serves as a reference and may be adjusted according to the cohort’s needs.)

1st Meeting – Introduction and Big Picture 

(usually one week or two weeks after the kick-off meeting)

  • Course design theories and models/methods
  • Course design templates
  • Program decision (i.e. MSIS, RN-BSN, MPH, etc.)
  • Individual preferences
  • Sample course structures
  • Sample course syllabus/outline/mapping
  • Sample learning activities

2nd Meeting – Media and Learning Materials

Guest speakers:

3rd meeting – Content Development

4th meeting – Content Development

  • Guest speaker from Learning Systems Support to discuss WebEx
  • Development of course content
  • Design and creation of course learning activities

5th meeting – Demonstration (Show-and-Tell), Instructor Course Guide, and Peer Review