Teaching Feedback in Multi-Modal Environments

The Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support offers Teaching Feedback opportunities for instructors who wish to gain valuable and timely student input that informs teaching practices at any point during the semester, including Hyflex, in-class, and asynchronous formats. The Teaching Feedback process enables instructors to gauge the impact of teaching and student learning early on, so there is time to make adjustments in instructional methods, either in that course or in the future.  In this short video, CMU instructors Dr. Jamie Hines and Dr. Roop Jayaraman describe their experiences and what they learned and applied from our Teaching Feedback services.

As part of the Teaching Feedback process, instructors may participate in one or more of these services: 

  • Consultation - A one-on-one virtual meeting with a consultant to discuss specific methods, challenges, questions, or concerns related to your teaching practice.  
  • Observation - A 1-hour synchronous observation of your teaching practice of your teaching in a course of any delivery format.
  • Student Survey - An online survey invitation sent to your students via Blackboard announcement to collect their feedback on your teaching practice and their learning experience. 
  • Blackboard Review - A Blackboard review evaluates the syntax within a course shell for clarity, consistency, and accessibility. Recommendations are made to streamline navigation, increase course management efficiencies through the utilization of LMS tools, and ensure all aspects of the course are in sync. 
Before selecting any of the above services, please review the framework to learn more about the process, what you will gain as a result of participating, and what we ask from you as a participant. 

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