Audio Maker Space Overview

The CIS Audio Maker Space is a self-booking recording space that provides a noise-free environment for recording high quality narrated presentations. The space is available for faculty use and is located in the Office of Curriculum & Instructional Support, Park Library 413.

Process Overview 

  1. Reserve Space 
  2. Record Presentation 
  3. Upload and Share 

1. Reserve Space 

  • The Audio Maker Space located in Park Library 413G, is available to reserve whenever Park Library is open. However, support staff are only available during CIS’s regular business hours of Monday Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. First-time users are encouraged to reserve the space during regular CIS hours. For details on after-hours usage, please review this website. 
  • To reserve, create an Outlook Calendar event and invite
    (Learn more about how to book a room in Outlook)

    Calendar screenshot for booking the Audio Maker Space using Outlook and inviting 
  • If available, the space will auto-book and you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to a website that will help you to prepare for recording 
  • If you attempt to reserve a time that is not available, you will receive an email declining the invitation so you can choose another time. 

2. Record Presentation 

  • The room has step-by-step guidance printed so you can easily go through the process.  You should review the Audio Maker Space Recording Guide ahead of your scheduled time. 
  • The Audio Maker Space uses the centrally supported Panopto Recorder to record audio, PowerPoint slides, and other visual materials on screen. 
  • Annotation is available using the Pen tool when in PowerPoint. 

3. Upload and Share 

  • After recording, users are guided through steps to upload their narrated presentation to their personal Chipcast/Panopto folder. 
  • Once processing is completed, users receive an email for each presentation they recorded with links to view, edit, and share their content. 
  • By default, recordings are only viewable by their respective creators, so in-room guidance for setting permissions is provided for faculty looking to share a link with their class. 

Recording Equipment in the Audio Maker Space 

  • Radio-quality microphone 
  • 28” Windows Surface Touch-Screen PC 
  • Dual Monitor Setup 
  • LED lighting 
  • Acoustical panels reduce ambient noise 
  • Record using the familiar Panopto application.  Other software for demonstration creation may be available with advance notice.