Creative Media Production Resources

The Creative Media Production team offers a range of services to help faculty and instructors create and use digital media, including:

  • Evaluating different production styles to meet learning objectives and developing overall themes and design concepts
  • Producing digital media content for lectures and learning modules
  • Training instructors in screen, webcam and voice recording
  • Converting, encoding and hosting digital video with optimal delivery specifications within CMU's Chipcast Video Platform (Powered by Panopto)
  • Live streaming of special events and guest lectures


The Creative Media Production Team will work with instructors to find the most effective production method for their content. We will help instructors visualize course content from concept to final delivery. By developing a production plan with the guidance of a course media producer, our team can ensure the production elements of every course meet quality and instructional design goals.

Studio Production

Our studio, centrally located in CMU's Park Library, allows our team to record learning objects using broadcast quality lighting, cameras, microphones, and instructional tools. Our Wacom annotation tablet allows faculty to annotate slide presentations for digital delivery and the green-screen backdrop provides a versatile way for course content to appear behind instructors as they teach. The Light Board is another available studio tool allowing faculty to demonstrate hand-written concepts on a glass marker board. 

Field Production

The Creative Media Production is available to join you on-location to record video content for your course. Whether it's a guest lecture in the classroom, demonstrations in the lab, or just a unique spot for a unique concept, our team can produce content wherever the learning takes us.

Post Production

We also provide expertise in editing and sequencing of various media elements for your course. If you have content that you acquired on your own, our team can use a variety of software applications to sequence, re-time, animate and publish your multimedia learning objects.

Video Hosting - Chipcast @ CMU - Powered by Panopto

The CIS Creative Media Production team also manages the Chipcast Video Platform allowing you and your students to record, upload, share, manage and view multi-media presentations online or right within your Bb course shell.

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Reach out to our team with questions:

Phil Coffman, Associate Director, Learning Media Production, 989-774-6640, Park 413

Andrew Starner, Multimedia and Web Developer, 989-774-2921, Park 413

Case FlandersMultimedia and Web Developer, 989-774-6640, Park 413