Lightboard Maker Space Overview

Video Maker Space

The CIS Lightboard Maker Space is a self-booking recording studio for faculty located on the fourth floor of Park Library. The Lightboard Maker Space makes it easy to record high-quality and engaging video content for your course.

Process Overview

1. Reserve Space
2. Record Presentation
3. Upload and Share

Reserve Space 

  • The Lightboard Maker Space is available to reserve 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. 
  • The space is located directly behind the elevators on the fourth floor of the Park Library in room 413I.1. Simply enter through the doorway labeled Rooms 413D-413S and the first door on your left will be the Lightboard Maker Space (Room 413I.1). 
  • To reserve, create an outlook calendar event and invite 
  • If available, the space will auto-book and you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to a website that will help you prepare for recording.  
  • If you attempt to reserve a time that is not available, you will receive an email declining the invitation so you can choose another time.  

Record Presentation

  • The room has step-by-step guidance printed so you can easily go through the recording process multiple times if desired. You should also view the Lightboard Studio Recording Guide ahead of your scheduled time. 
  • The Lightboard Maker Space allows users to (optionally) overlay digital graphics onto their video to annotate or reference in their presentation. See the Lightboard Studio Recording Guide for more details. 
  • The Lightboard Maker Space guide uses the centrally supported Panopto Recorder to record video, voice, and (optional) overlaid graphics via a PowerPoint presentation. 

Upload and Share

  • After recording, users are guided through steps to upload their video to their personal Chipcast/Panopto folder.  
  • Once processing is completed, users receive an email for each video they recorded with links to view, edit, and share their content. 
  • By default, recordings are only viewable by their respective creators, so in-room guidance for setting permissions is provided for faculty looking to share a link with their class.

What kind of video can I create in the Lightboard Maker Space?

Click to view the demo video (3:01):

Recording Equipment in the Video Maker Space

  • Industrial-grade, aluminum frame with a 6ft x 4ft custom cut, low-iron glass 
  • 4K camera with position control 
  • LED studio lighting system 
  • 55” LCD confidence monitor  
  • 3-element microphone with digital signal processing 
  • Acoustical treatments 
  • Record using the familiar Panopto Recorder App
If you'd like a tour of the Lightboard Maker Space, contact Phil Coffman, Manager of Creative Media Production.