Lightboard Maker Space Recording Guide

Now that you've booked the CIS Lightboard Maker Space, there are a few things you should do to prepare for recording.

Before You Arrive

  • Check out 6 Quick Tips for Looking Good on Camera 
    • Practical considerations for presentation and delivery
  • Get familiar with the Lightboard Studio Recording Guide
    • NOTE: The guide is posted in the studio so there is no need to print.
  • Bring presentation materials on a USB drive or be prepared to download them from your U-Drive. (Onedrive is available via web browser at 
  • Depending on what you want out of your final video, there are three ways in which you can use the Lightboard Studio: 
    • 1. Creating a Classic Lightboard Video (Default Method) 
      • Simply log into Panopto and follow the directions in the Lightboard Studio Recording Guide to create engaging lightboard video content using lecture and handwritten notes.  
      • The 55” LCD confidence monitor will mirror your actions in real-time and there is no need for any supplemental presentation materials. 

    • 2. Creating an Enhanced Lightboard Video with Digital Graphic Overlay 
      • To create even more engaging content, the Lightboard Maker Space allows you to overlay supplementary graphics onto your video that you can annotate, reference, and display.  
      • To enable this, log into Panopto and ensure the “Primary Source” in Panopto is set to USB Capture SDI and follow the directions on the Lightboard Studio Recording Guide
      • Next, open a PowerPoint presentation with your desired graphic overlayed on BLACK slides, but do NOT start slide show.  
        • Graphics could include anything from graphs, charts, diagrams, text, maps, and even video. Just keep in mind anything black in your graphics will become transparent in the final video.  
      • Check out the brief video below to see some of the many ways others have used graphics in their lightboard content. 
      • NOTE: You should create your PowerPoint presentation with black backgrounds prior to your scheduled time in the studio. 

Video: Ideas for overlaying graphics 


    • 3. Creating a Classic Lightboard Video Using Prompted Notes 
      • The confidence monitor can also be used to display presentation notes or talking points if you so choose. To enable this, log into Panopto, change the “Primary Source” to USB Capture HDMI, and open a PowerPoint file with your notes on a NON-BLACK background, but DO NOT start the slide show.  
      • Continue following the instructions on the Lightboard Studio Recording Guide
      • NOTE: You should create your PowerPoint presentation with non-black backgrounds prior to your scheduled time in the studio. 

During Recording

  • Try to look straight through the glass and teach to the camera's red light to maintain eye contact with viewers. Looking at it will help your viewers feel like you are talking directly to them.  
  • If you are overlaying graphics or using prompted notes, press the Left and Right arrow buttons on the keypad to advance slides. 
  • If you make a mistake, DO NOT STOP RECORDING. Just pause for a few seconds, take a breath, and start your sentence again. Afterward, use Panopto's web-based editor to remove/edit the mistake. It is very easy and can be helpful for longer presentations. For shorter lectures, you may find it is just easier to do another take.
  • Try to keep your lightboard videos to five minutes or less. Studies have shown that shorter videos are more engaging and impactful for students. Additionally, this ensures the board does not get too full of writing and difficult for viewers to follow. 

After Recording

  • Videos can only be viewed after they have been uploaded and processed on the Chipcast/Panopto server. As a result, users are prompted to upload their video immediately after recording; however, no one can see your video except you. After the video is uploaded and processed (this may take a few minutes) you will receive an email with links to view, edit, and share the recording. 

Helpful Links:

The CMU Help Desk is available at 989-774-3662 to support you in this process should problems arise.

Interested in a Lightboard Maker Space for your department or college?

Contact Phil Coffman, Manager of Creative Media Production, to discuss integration options and next steps.