Lightboard Maker Space Recording Guide

Now that you've booked the Lightboard Maker Space, there are a few things you should do to prepare for recording.

Before You Arrive

  • Watch the Lightboard Maker Space Training Videos:

Video Guide: How to Record, Edit, & Share a Lightboard Video

Video Guide: How to Mark-Up PowerPoint on a Lightboard Video

Video Guide: Use PowerPoint to Display Talking Points

  • Get familiar with the Lightboard Maker Space In-room Guidance

  • Clothing Guidance: 

    • Don't wear lettering – it will appear backward. 

    • Do wear solid, darker colors - This makes the writing display more clearly in front of presenters. 

    • Don’t wear all black - you’ll look like a floating head. : )
  • If using PowerPoint:
    • Set all backgrounds to BLACK.  

    • Place any graphics to the side of your dominant hand for easier annotation. 

    • If using PowerPoint for talking points, position in a discreet location on the lower right or left of the slide to maintain visibility of the confidence monitor.

During Recording

  • Write on the side of your dominant hand, then step to the side to instruct. Don't stand directly behind your writing while instructing if possible. 

  • Look at the camera’s red light while instructing. This will help your viewers feel like you're talking directly to them. 

  • If you make a mistake, DON'T STOP RECORDING. Just pause for a few seconds, take a breath, and start the segment again. Then afterward, use Panopto's web-based editor to remove/edit the mistake. It's easy and can be helpful for longer presentations. For shorter presentations, you may find it's just easier to do another take.

  • If using PPT, slides may be advanced during recording using the keypad next to the marker tray. 

After Recording

  • Check your email for links to view, edit and share your recording.

Helpful Links

If you'd like a tour of the Lightboard Maker Space, contact CIS.

Recording Equipment in the Video Maker Space 

  • Industrial-grade, aluminum frame with a 6ft x 4ft custom cut, low-iron glass  
  • 4K camera with position control  
  • LED studio lighting system  
  • 55” LCD confidence monitor   
  • 3-element microphone with digital signal processing  
  • Acoustical treatments  
  • Record using the familiar Panopto Recorder App 

Video Ideas for Overlaying Graphics