Lightboard Maker Space Recording Guide

Now that you've booked the CIS Lightboard Maker Space, there are a few things you should do to prepare for recording.

Before You Arrive

  • Watch the Lightboard Maker Space Training Video:
  • Get familiar with the Lightboard Maker Space In-room Guidance
  • Clothing Guidance: 
    • Don't wear lettering – The Lightboard Maker Space utilizes a mirroring process which renders all lettering to appear backwards in the final recording. 
    • Do wear solid, darker colors - This makes the writing display more clearly in front of presenters. 
    • Don’t wear all black - you’ll look like a floating head : ) 
  • If using Microsoft PowerPoint to overlay graphics or display talking points on the 55” confidence monitor: 
    • Plan on using the DESKTOP version of Microsoft PowerPoint and NOT the web based, Office365 version. The desktop version must be used so the 55” confidence monitor can function as the presentation screen for the podium PC.
    • Set all PowerPoint slide backgrounds to BLACK.  
    • Place any graphics within PowerPoint to the side of your dominant hand for easier annotation. 

    • Position talking points in a discreet location on the lower right or left of the slide to maintain visibility of the confidence monitor.

    • Note that pressing the ‘Record’ button on the keypad next to the marker tray engages recording AND STARTS your PPT slide show.

During Recording

  • Write on the side of your dominant hand, then step to the side to instruct. Don't stand directly behind your writing while instructing if possible. 
  • Look at the camera’s red light while instructing. This will help your viewers feel like you're talking directly to them. 
  • If you make a mistake, DON'T STOP RECORDING. Just pause for a few seconds, take a breath, and start the segment again. Then afterward, use Panopto's web-based editor to remove/edit the mistake. It's easy and can be helpful for longer presentations. For shorter presentations, you may find it's just easier to do another take.
  • If using PPT, slides may be advanced during recording using the keypad next to the marker tray. 

After Recording

  • Videos can only be viewed after they've been uploaded and processed on the Chipcast/Panopto server. In light of this, immediately after recording stops users are prompted to upload their video. Don't worry though, no one can see your video except you. After your video is uploaded and processed (this may take a few minutes) you'll receive an email with links to view, edit, and share your recording. By default, recordings are only viewable by their respective creators, so in-room guidance for setting permissions is provided for faculty looking to share a link with their class. 
  • The room has step-by-step guidance posted on the wall so you can easily go through the recording process multiple times if desired.

Helpful Links

If you'd like a tour of the Lightboard Maker Space, contact Phil Coffman, Manager of Creative Media Production

Recording Equipment in the Video Maker Space 

  • Industrial-grade, aluminum frame with a 6ft x 4ft custom cut, low-iron glass  
  • 4K camera with position control  
  • LED studio lighting system  
  • 55” LCD confidence monitor   
  • 3-element microphone with digital signal processing  
  • Acoustical treatments  
  • Record using the familiar Panopto Recorder App 

Video Ideas for Overlaying Graphics