Rubric Repository

In response to many requests, the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support has created a place for faculty to share with and find rubrics from colleagues to support their teaching. The collection of rubrics available here includes direct contributions from many CMU faculty*, each of whom graciously contributed their own rubrics, used in courses across the University.

While we have attempted to accurately categorize each rubric based upon what it is primarily designed to evaluate, the rubrics have not been vetted further and should be carefully reviewed and adapted to your unique situation, prior to use. Whenever possible, rubrics are listed in .ZIP format for import to Blackboard and .PNG format for print. Please click on the links below to browse the collection by category and download the resources that meet your needs.

*Special thanks to all faculty contributors, but especially those pioneers who were first to share their rubrics with the CMU community, including: Betsy VanDeusen, Wafa Hozien, Richard L. Hayes, Margaret Partlo, Michael Dillon, JoDell Heroux, Rick Ferkel, David Freed, Dawn Decker, Tierney Popp, Ben Jankens, Marlene VanDyke, Thomas Greitens, Andrea Jasper, and Meaghan McCollow.