Video Maker Space Overview

Video Maker Space

The CIS Video Maker Space is a self-booking recording studio for faculty located in the back of the Park Library 413D classroom. The Video Maker Space makes it easy to record high-quality video content for your course.

Process Overview

1. Reserve Space, 2. Record Presentation, 3. Upload and Share

Reserve Space

  • The Video Maker Space is available to reserve 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.
  • Entry to the Maker Space is through the 413D classroom. Consequently, the Maker Space may sometimes be unavailable during concurrent events in 413D.
  • To reserve, create an outlook calendar event and invite ''.
    (Learn more about how to book a room in Outlook)
    Calendar Invitation Example

  • If available, the space will auto-book and you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to a website that will help you prepare for recording. 
  • If you attempt to reserve a time that's not available, you'll receive an email declining the invitation so you can choose another time. 

Record Presentation

  • The Video Maker Space guidance recommends the centrally supported Panopto Recorder to record voice, video, and a PPT presentation, along with screen annotations.
  • The computer has a stylus/pen that enables markup of slides within PPT.
  • The room has step-by-step guidance printed so you can easily go through the recording process multiple times if desired or you can view the Video Maker Space Recording Guide ahead of your scheduled time.

Upload and Share

  • Following the recording, users are guided through steps to upload their video to their Chipcast/Panopto personal folder. 
  • Once processing completes, users receive an email for each video recorded with links to view, edit, and share their video.
  • By default, recordings are only viewable by their respective creators, so in-room guidance for setting permissions is provided for faculty looking to share a link with their class. 

What kind of video can I create in the Video Maker Space?

Click to view the demo video (3:01):

Recording Equipment in the Video Maker Space

  • High-Definition Camera with Pan/tilt/zoom controls
  • LED Studio Lighting System
  • Ceiling Microphone with Auto-Gain and Auto Noise-Cancellation
  • 28” Touch-screen computer for recording & marking up slides in Panopto
  • 32” Custom-Designed Teleprompter
  • Green Screen and Studio Curtain Backdrop
  • Record using familiar Panopto Recording App

If you'd like a tour of the Video Maker Space, contact CIS, to arrange an appointment.


Interested in a Video Maker Space for your department or college?

Please review the Video Maker Space Equipment List (.ZIP file download) and contact Phil Coffman, Associate Director, Learning Media Production, to discuss integration options and next steps.