The General Education Competencies are essential skills that students expand on during their studies at Central Michigan University. CMU graduates demonstrate expertise in areas of Writing, Oral Language, and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning. The requirements of these competencies were developed to aid students in mastering the skills deemed necessary to function as constructive, concerned, and thoughtful persons.

Students should see their assigned Bulletin for details on requirements and contact an academic advisor for additional guidance.

Writing Competency (3-6 hours)

  • Develops the ability to write clearly, use composition techniques, strategies for persuasive writing, and modern writing practices.
  • Students must complete 3-6 credit hours of Freshmen Composition and Intermediate Composition.

Writing Intensive (12 hours)

  • Increases student writing fluency and skill at using writing to learn new concepts and skills.
  • Provides students practice with the specific language conventions, writing styles, and genres used in their majors and future professions.
  • Writing Intensive classes are indicated with “WI” in the course designator.
  • Students complete 12 credit hours of “WI” classes.
  • At least 6 of the WI credits must be obtained before 56 credit hours are completed.

Oral English (3 hours)

  • Enhances student ability to interpret, compose, and present information to a specific audience.
  • Students must complete 3 credit hours of oral competency before 56 credit hours are completed.

Mathematics (3 hours)

  • Develops tools for understanding patterns that appear in the sciences as well as humanities.
  • Apply algebra to solve quantitative problems.
  • Students must complete 3 credit hours of Mathematics before 56 credit hours are completed.

Quantitative Reasoning (3 hours)

  • Establishes a foundation for effective quantitative reasoning and problem-solving strategies that are relevant to the life activities of most people.
  • Quantitative Reasoning classes are indicated with “QR” in the course designator.
  • Students must complete 3 credit hours of “QR” classes.

Testing out of Competencies

  • Some students have considerable skills that warrant their testing out of competency related coursework.
  • Students who want to test out of competency related coursework should talk to an academic advisor to ensure all degree requirements are being met.
  • Students wishing to take a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exam to fulfill a competency requirement should contact the Certified-Based Testing Center.