Currently Approved CMU Service-Learning Courses

The classes listed below have at least one section that has been officially designated Service-Learning (SL) by the Committee on Academic Service-Learning (CASL). Please note that not all courses are offered each semester/term.

ART 366Contemporary Issues in Design
ASL 593
Jamaica Study Abroad
ASL 594   
ASL in Elementary Education
ASL 595
Community Placements with Deaf Children & Adults
BCA 342Field Audio Production
CDO 417Introduction to Adult Communications Disorders
CED 603
Intro Clinical Mental Health Counseling
CED 625              
Cross-Cultural Service Learning for Counselors
CGL 300              
Cultural and Global Studies 
​CSD 417
​Introduction to Adult Communication Disorders
ELI 071Integrated Skills III
EDU 325
Middle Level and High School Teaching Methods
EDU 515
Managing Classrooms and Learning Environments
ENG 201Intermediate Composition
ENG 571
Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages
ENG 574

Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages: Materials, Assessment and Curriculum
FNS 575              
Geriatric Nutrition
HDF 248
Service-Learning in Gerontology
HON 319Culture and Inequality in the U.S.
HSC 516              
Comparative Healthcare Systems
HSC 538
​Development of Proposals and Reports in Health Administration
HSC 586 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Screening in Children
​HSC 599
​Internship - Public Health
IND 333Interior Design Service-Learning
IND 397
Irish Architecture and the Arts
JRN 369Advertising & Public Relations Research
JRN 556Public Relations Seminar
LDR 110Personal Leadership and Service
LDR 120Introduction to Service Leadership
MED 610Essentials of Clinical Skills
​MKT 490
​Internship in Marketing/Logistics
MKT 499            
Strategic Marketing Exercises
MPH 667
​Maternal and Child Health
MSA 603Strategic Planning for Administrators
MSA 604Administration, Globalization and Multiculturalism
MTH 261Algebra for Secondary Teachers
MUS 284a
Techniques for Singing Actor
NUR 400
Concepts of Global and Population Health
Grant Writing and Management
PES 602Event Management: Theory and Application
RPL 333Production of Festivals and Events
RPL 430Planning Recreation Programs and Events
RPL 431Planning Community Recreation and Events
​SOC 530
​Capstone Experience in Youth Studies
SPE 500Parent and Special Relationships in Special Education
SPE 519Students with Cognitive Impairment
SPE 570Career Development and Transition

For more information on how you can apply to have the SL designation added to your course section, please contact us.